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GayStarNews LGBT portal must go bankrupt and cease operations

Screenshot GayStarNews
Screenshot GayStarNews

UK LGBT news page GayStarNews ceased operations. The company of the operator with
about 20 employees had to declare bankruptcy – although the interests were
The reader is as big as ever before. Because more and more companies
Although they love to decorate with rainbow logos, advertising in
Community media are rare.

For many companies, their support for the LGBT community is just a pretext: that's what the media feels

Seven years delivered GayStarNews London news from almost everyone
Areas of interest for sexual and gender minorities.
But this has not been rewarded by advertisers: "Instead of working with us
and interacting with LGBTIQ people all year long, they dive for it
Logo during Pride Week or Pride Month in rainbow and im colors
Ideally, give a small sum to an LGBTIQ organization ",
Founders Tris Reid-Smith and Scott Nunnin write theirs
Message of goodbye.

In part, the same companies would also be hostile to LGBT
Politicians with millions of donations support. "It's alibimarketing
worse, "said the two GayStarNewsFounder.
The uncertainty surrounding Brexit also contributed to the end of the page:
Many companies have postponed their decisions, projects have been canceled
Service. "Nobody is surprised that many media with the same problem
fight, "says Reid-Smith and Nunnin.

The relationship with their competitors was always correct – the problem was the "alibimarketing" of large companies

Your direct competitor, pages like Pink news or attitudesprinkle both GayStarNewsfounder
but Rosen: "They are our friends, our common enemies have always been
Apathy and the Alibimarketing ", they write:" If companies and sponsors
LGBTIQ people would only take half as seriously as we deserve,
We would be more numerous and we would have a lot of success. "

Because the GayStarNews traffic is as high as
never before. "It's a sad paradox that our popularity is not ours
Could ensure survival. We are convinced that we operate in a
Set a time in which people want more than ever our service and
", Reid-Smith and Nunn conclude.

Colleagues only learned Monday from the end of their
Job offers. An employee said that press
The team was summoned to the common room on Monday.
There, the bankruptcy was announced – for the last month
Do not be paid anymore.