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Kate Middleton: Because of Queen Elizabeth! HERE the duchess breaks the royal protocol

31.07.2019, 13:16

Even Kate Middleton was allowed to break the royal rules.

Even Kate Middleton was allowed to break the royal rules. Picture: dpa

In fact, at the British Royal Court, respect for the royal protocol is strictly bothered. But with Kate Middleton, there was already more than one closed eye. Even the queen was involved.

The Duchess Meghan Markle is not the only one to have to face the small and big banalities of the royal protocol, again and again. And sometimes, the Duchess of Sussex has folded the royal rules, besides she has raped her more than once.

Kate Middleton: For Duchess Kate, the protocol is changed

But not only did Prince Harry's wife know how to put pressure on monarchical habits, even for Kate Middleton, the royal protocol had already been annulled. At least, that's what Katie Nicholl, Royals expert, describes in her book Kate: The Future Queen. Nicholl is known for his royal pamphlets such as Making of a Royal Romance and Harry – A life between love and lossHowever, his works are often the subject of controversial discussions, as there is often an inaccurate source in the books. On the content of the truth can therefore be discussed.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II knew each other only furtively

But let's go back to Kate Middleton. For the future Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth II abolished the royal protocol, as Nicholl executes in "Kate: the future queen". According to Kate, the queen only briefly met in 2009, for example, at the wedding of Peter and Autumn Phillips. Visiting Balmoral Castle, the Scottish residence of Queen Elizabeth IIthe queen would then have granted Prince William's future wife a very special permit.

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Queen Elizabeth II establishes royal protocol for Duchess Kate

According to Queen Kate Middelton authorized in 2009 to take pictures of their private retirement. A fact that is otherwise strictly prohibited to non-members of the British royal family. And at that time, two years before the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the current Duchess, Kate, was not a family member, but a friend of Prince William. But the queen had a good reason to allow Kate to pause in the protocol. Precisely because they did not know each other so well at the time, Queen Elizabeth II had tried with the gesture to make Kate understand that she should feel welcome.

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