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Osprey supports "Bremont Project Possible" by Nirmal Purja

The British backpack specialist, Osprey, welcomes the Extreme mountaineer Nirmal "Nims" Purja (MBE) in the own family of athletes. The outdoor brand therefore wants the young Gurkha to occupy an important place in his "Bremont Project Possible" where the ex-elite soldier wants to climb the 14 highest mountains in the world in just seven months. An ambitious goal whose success is equal more than seven world records of mountaineering beaten and that the mountaineer is making great progress, he has already mastered eleven thousand eight thousand in just 94 days. More information on shipping records are available at:

Nirmal "ims" Pruja – a Gurkha on the way to the top of the world

Nirmal is a relatively unknown name on the alpine scene, the last since his Climbing Everest in 2016 more and more in the honor. Because he was the first Gurkha to stand on the highest mountain in the world. Before that was the Nepalese soldier serving the British army and the active Indian Armed Forces. After a 16-year career in special units of the British Army, the young mountaineer is increasingly focused on new adventures as extreme climbersFor his outstanding achievements in mountain rescue and mountaineering at high altitude, he was even joined by Queen Elizabeth Order of the Knights "Member of the Very Excellent Order of the British Empire" (MBE) excellent.

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Currently holds Nirmal Pruja already three world records in the Guinness bookIt is considered one of the fastest of the successive ascents of Everest, Lhotse and Makalu in just five days. as well from the highest mountain on earth to the summit of Lhotse the extreme climber needed only 10 hours and 15 minutes, beating the previous record of 20 hours. Last but not least, "Nims" is one of the first people to have Lhotse, Makalu and twice the Everest in the same season and climbed in just 17 days.

Bremont Project Possible – Make It Possible Impossible

In March 2019, the Nepalese returned to the Himalayas to eventually become most difficult challenge of his life request. With his extreme expedition "Bremont Project Possible", he wants a fundamental change in Perception of human potential beat and break the current record of Jerzy Kukuczka, who is charged with climbing the fourteen thousand eight thousand together 7 years, 11 months and 14 days necessary. But thanks to his military training and his experience of mountain rescue, "Nims" brings the perfect conditions with, to face such a challenge and for everything that has been completely upset.

Source: Osprey