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Removing the Prism NSA Virus (Removing the Prism NSA Internet Monitor)

The best way to remove the Prism NSA virus here: or Prism NSA virus (Prism NSA Internet Surveillance Program Virus) is a new computer ransomware that blocks the user's computer and requires $ 300 to unlock , This type of malware that we have previously discovered acts like the police that scares people who have violated the law of America. The user's computer has been blocked by Prism NSA Virus for illegal activity, even though he has not watched any child pornography or visited some porn sites. The user's computers were still locked with Prism NSA Virus (Prism NSA) Internet Surveillance Program Virus (HIS), how do I bypass the computer-locked Prism NSA Virus (Prism NSA Virus) screen? Please do not pay the fine of $ 300. Otherwise, you either get a locked computer or lose money. All you have to do is manually remove the Prism NSA virus (Prism NSA Internet Surveillance Virus) virus to unlock the computer from this hoax. If you do not have computer skills, contact the YooCare / YooSecurity experts 24/7 online , Incidentally, the Prism NSA Virus (Prism NSA) virus is called NSA VIRUS SCAM, PRISM VIRUS SCAM on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.