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The stomach acid blockers can cause allergies

Study shows clear association between stomach acid blockers and allergies

Many people suffer from heartburn. To get rid of the pain sensation in the esophagus, many are taking gastric acid inhibitors. But according to a recent study in Austria, these drugs could promote allergies, especially among women. But do not worry! We reveal with which alternative means heartburn can be fought!

Women and the elderly are particularly affected

Austrian researchers from the University of Vienna reported, after evaluating the health insurance data, that the stomach acid blocker increased the risk of allergies. As a result, people who were prescribed drugs for stomach acid in the following years also received allergy medications. The prescribed medication made no difference.

According to the study, women were particularly affected by the increased risk of allergies, just like the elderly. Experts advise not to take stomach acid blockers. In addition, they should be discontinued after a while. But there are also natural remedies that can help fight against heartburn.

So you can get rid of stomach burns

Heartburn occurs when acidic gastric contents enter the esophagus. It is very useful to drink in order to recover the acid in the stomach. It also dilutes the excess of stomach acid.

Particularly suitable for warm, flat water or low acid tea such as chamomile tea.

Chewing gum stimulates saliva production. Saliva being slightly basic, it can neutralize small amounts of stomach acid in the esophagus. In addition, saliva dilutes the acid and brings it back into the stomach when swallowed.

Those who suffer from heartburn should avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes if possible. They can cause heartburn or aggravate symptoms.

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These herbal remedies help fight against heartburn