Turkey: TV channel threatens to boycott football because of deteriorating lira 2

Turkey: TV channel threatens to boycott football because of deteriorating lira

The sharp decline of the Turkish lira in recent years could spoil the Turkish fans of the season: the digitürast digitürk threat because of rising costs, so that the games are not transferred if the association league does not give up .

A little more than two weeks before the start of the highest football league in Turkey. August 16, the game operation begins. But it is still unclear whether fans can watch the matches live on television: for several months, the donor of the Qatari television group beIN digitürk the Turkish Football Federation TFF for the renegotiation of the contract of move signed in November 2016. But until now, the TV channel has fallen in the ear of a deaf person.

The reason for Digitürk's efforts: The contract that the broadcaster signed with the league three years ago is indicated in dollars. The broadcaster pays $ 500 million per season for broadcast rights. The subscription fees of the viewers receive Digitürk but read it.

The landslide of the Turkish lira increases the cost

However, the depreciation of the Turkish currency against the dollar has seriously disrupted Digitürk's calculation. Due to the low exchange rate, the broadcaster must spend an increasing portion of its revenues to meet its contractual obligations.

This additional financial burden, the broadcaster would no longer accept. He calls for a renegotiation of the agreement and puts the corresponding pressure: according to the Bloomberg financial news agency, a partial payment of $ 125 million has already been retained. In addition, the transmitter threatens so that the Süperlig games are no longer transferred.

The indebted clubs in Turkey depend on this source of income

The move apparently worked: "We are working to reach an agreement," said FFT President Nihat Özdemir on Monday. The league is in urgent need of money. The 36 professional clubs in the first and second Turkish football leagues accumulated a total debt of $ 28 billion. Without the money the TV broadcaster threatens the end.