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Coburg: Artillerymen receive a letter from the Queen

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Coburg Stefan Stahl, first rifle master of the Coburg Shooting Club, gave his suggestion even for a "crazy idea". Write to Queen Elizabeth II to have the English Queen agree to this year's scapegoat for Prince Albert's coat of arms? Dreaming can be allowed.

In this case, however, "crazy idea" has become a very real story. "Our spokesperson, Matthias Klar, has literally taken my proposal seriously," said Stahl. Of course, I just wanted to say that he had never written to Buckingham Palace. But that's not a problem. "I'm going to go," said the spokesman to a stunned shooter.

In any case, the letter was sent to England. Stefan Stahl's expectations remained weak. "Most letters do not reach the queen," he said. "But, one way or another, our letter had to pass through the presort", he knows it today and proudly shows the letter signed by Queen Elizabeth and a leaf with the additional lines of the royal secretary. The two letters are of course printed on the best paper. Yes, and to mark the 200th anniversary of Prince Albert's coat of arms on the disc, which must be shot when shooting this year's bird against the king shooter boy, whose queen was apparently very excited. Buckingham Palace has officially recognized that Coburg's shooters use Albert's emblem on the junior target. As one can not complain, says the first shooter, now but with a little pride on the realization of his first thought by himself as a "crazy idea". The famous Scheuerfelder artist, Michael Ebert, made a faithful copy last year on which the young shooters shot with their crossbow.

The rifle company invited the English queen to her party on this occasion. Of course, everyone knows that a visit to the Queen of Good would have been a little too much. But at least: "The queen wishes us a great shooting night," said Stefan Stahl with a satisfied smile.