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0: 3: Eintracht introduces former coach Lieberknecht | Good king News – Sports

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by Hanno Bode, Good king News

Former BTSV coach Torsten Lieberknecht (left) won with Duisburg 3-0 on his former place of work.

Last Thursday was Torsten Lieberknecht 46 years old. Probably the most beautiful birthday present that the coach has received from his MSV Duisburg players. Eintracht Braunschweig, the former great Lieberknecht's love, sat Sunday afternoon on a score of 3: 0 (1: 0) on the part of the Third Division team, up to # 39, here without loss. Steffen Nkansah (19.) and Leroy-Jacques Mickels (81.) and Moritz Stoppelkamp (84.) sealed the first BTSV defeat of the season, which Lieberknecht had left in 2018 after ten years as coach. The "Lions" returned to fourth place.

Nkansah hits his own goal

4.Spieltag, 04.08.2019 13:00 clock

0: 3: Eintracht introduces former coach Lieberknecht | Good king News - Sports 3



0: 3: Eintracht introduces former coach Lieberknecht | Good king News - Sports 4

MSV Duisburg



  • 0:1

    Nkansah (19th, clean goal)

Fejzic – R. Becker, Nkansah (46th fig chip), brick – B. Kessel, Nehrig, Pfitzner (75th swing), Kijewski – Kobylanski – Proschwitz (56th Ademi), bear

MSV Duisburg:
Weinkauf – Bitter, Boeder, Compper, Sicker – Albutat, Ben Balla – Gear (80th – J. Mickels), Stoppelkamp (89th Karweina), Krempicki – Sliskovic (67th Vermeij)


More data on the game

Lieberknecht was warmly welcomed by BTSV fans when he returned to his former workplace as the coach of an opposing team. A thunderous applause broke out when the coach came out of the stadium catacombs on the lawn to review his team's warm-up program. The football teacher waved his hand in the audience. Old love does not rust. In this case, even after a divorce. With so much heartbreaking sympathy between the appendix and the ex-coach, the current BTSV-Eleven did not seem to be the mood killer. In any case, the "lions" practiced a moderate moderation in the first part. In the forward movement succeeded Lower Saxony in the first half: nothing. In addition, left the "lions" of the defense in one or the other situation, not very solid impression.

For example, in the 19th minute, when Robin Becker fought the cross ball before his own goal and his teammate Nkansah led that "model" in Eintracht's penalty area. The unlucky goal followed not visible Aufbäumen. The MSV remained until the break, better team, acted more structured and, above all, much quieter than the local team.

"Lions" at the bite-free attack

Even after the recovery, Duisburg was initially a resolute team. Fortunately for the BTSV, Stoppelkamp, ​​the most prominent actor in the field, only hit the crossbar (47). Brunswick fumbled for the first time in person by Marcel Bär until the guests' accommodation. The attacker tried for lack of play stations all by himself, danced two Meidericher, but then shot far above the surface (55.). The beautiful solo did not serve as an initial spark. The Braunschweigers remained footballers, then almost to the room. The ease of the first three games of the season was gone.

The MSV continued its attacks, but was rewarded only late by a 16-meter shot from the substitute, Mickels, and a goal from near Stoppelkamp for his great effort. Thus, Lieberknecht celebrated a triumphant return to the former workplace. The fact that this is the case is partly due to the co-responsibility of his former club.

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