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Coburg: Reienweber reigns for the ninth time

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Coburg – Rainer Reienweber just does not want to give up the Knigskette of the Coburger Vogelschieens. On Sunday, he climbed for the ninth time on the throne of the Schtzengesellschaft Coburg 1354 – and thus realized a dream: "I wanted to be three times in a row Schtzenknig and it worked now." If there is a sequel to his success? He leaves it open. His dream result this year: 48.78 divisors. For the 2nd knight, the chief fencer Hans-Herbert Hartan was defeated, for the 1st sign Angelika Schaller.

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Karl Hartnagel (905 divisors)

Protectorate Cup:

Winner: Christine Rettinger-

Schuller, 5.0 divider

2nd place: Horst Schreuer,

6.3 dividers

3rd place: Walter Engel, 9.0 divisors


Winner: Christina Kob,

103.4 rings

2nd place: Christina Zeitner,

102.2 rings

3rd place: Barbara Florschtz,

101.9 rings

The youth of Schtzen has been regent for a year: Celine Stichert. His first knight is Maximilian Florschtz and second knight Christopher Fischer. This year, the young Schtzen could expect a special feature: their slice of candy was adorned with a portrait of the Jubilee Prince Albert. The use of the image allowed Queen Elizabeth II the Queen.

Hartan Peter Wei of Reundorf fought for the Volksknig, who scored a divisor of 158. The second knight became Andreas Roos and the first is Mathias Nemmert, who scored a divisor of 165. With participation in the Hartan Schiewettbewerben was very satisfied. In total, according to him, 654 visitors attacked the crossbow, 103 Schtzen targeting the Knigsscheibe.

Schtzenliesl can call Janet Schelhorn for a year. The wicked blonde of the old dirndl rose was launched in a strong campaign on the Internet – apparently with success. Schtzenmeister Stefan Steel was delighted with the frequent attendance of candidates on the fairground this year: "It's an excellent publicity for the competition," he was delighted. Alexandra Dehler came in second and Julia Hahn in third.

Hartan was very pleased with the bird shooting, even though it rained a few nights: "It's still better than 40 degrees in the shade." The party was well attended. Even for the new owner, the Bastian shoes man, Hartan only had glowing words on the sidelines of the royal proclamation: "He put us a big tent here and a selection of groups looking for their peers. "

In the end, the weather was nice again with the Coburg Schtzen and the sun shone on Wrath. As it was one or the other of the Schtzenauszuges participants certainly a little hot under his costume. With timpani and trumpets, we went to the exhibition grounds. Life was still raging during an evening. On the edge of the move, a historical accessory caught the attention of children: the blinding gun. He fires with special cartridges and announces the royal proclamation with a loud bang. Also on the extract, she went with: on a car at the back.