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Desperate man to find a cure for hiccups that lasts 10 hours a day

A man who is often ashamed for 24 hours desperately seeks a cure for his unusual condition.

Cecil Montgomery, 62, has had a hiccup every day for the past six years and is doing so even while asleep.

The West Bromwich truck driver, in the West Midlands, said the problem had started in 2013 and that it was worsening more and more until it had occurred. a daily hiccup of about 10 hours.

When that started, it took three hours, then everything stopped, but now it can take up to 24 hours, leaving him with a sore throat.

However, the doctors were unable to determine the cause of the hiccups and he made an urgent appeal to anyone who could help him in his "painful" state.

"I would travel a million miles just to get rid of this hiccup," he said. "It really depresses me and I'm ready to try anything."

Cecil becomes embarrassed when strangers assume that he is intoxicated and say that the state has weakened his confidence in social situations.

"At first I thought it might have been because I had chewed gum, but I stopped and it did not matter," he said. Cecil.

"It can be started and stopped at any time of the day, there is no specific time, nothing to trigger it.

"I find it hard to get my words across when I'm hiccupping." There was no day when I did not have it since the beginning.

"People say I should drink water or hold my breath, but it does not help."

Cecil's doctor has given him medicine and a neck camera in Birmingham City and Queen Elizabeth hospitals, but they still can not understand what's going on.

He said that he often tried to "stay calm" – or to fall asleep – when he was suffering a lot, but that he was still suffering from hiccups in his sleep, which could affect his partner.

Now, he has asked the doctors or anyone to come forward to find a possible cure.

He said: "The doctors did a good job and they were of great help.

"But I hope another doctor has an idea – I do not think I can live with it for the rest of my life."

"I would be very happy if someone could contact you – more than happy.

"I'm ready to try anything, it's my last resort."