Football - Berlin - Power struggle for TeBe: Redlich sees himself as president - sport 2

Football – Berlin – Power struggle for TeBe: Redlich sees himself as president – sport

Berlin (dpa) – The fight for power in the football league, Borussia, moves to the next phase. Although former financier and CEO, Jens Redlich, was stricken from the fifth division club record during his stay in the United States, the 38-year-old continues to view himself as the club's CEO. "I am officially still in office as chairman of the board and we have examined it legally, the situation is ongoing and I think we will get clarification in the next 14 days," Redlich told the "Tagesspiegel" (Sunday). "Otherwise, I should have been released from this position by indictment, which did not happen."

Last week, the opposition published on the website the invitation of Günter Brombosch to be appointed Director General by the Supervisory Board. The reason why Redlich had been written several months ago in Redlichs' resignation from the register of associations had already been written down. This decision was "considered by the lawyers, the notary and the district court as effective," wrote the new council Wednesday.

Redlich specifies that he offered to resign in November in a contentious situation, but that he had not been accepted. "I was asked to continue, so there has never been an official resignation," says the head of a string of fitness studios.

Redlich, who claims to have invested about 2.8 million euros since joining the traditional club, has denied the current board the opportunity to run the club "economically and in terms of content over a full season".

The first team of TeBe denies Sunday the prelude of the league to Tasmania Berlin. Redlich himself also wants to be on the spot and then try to re-establish the situation that prevailed before his holidays: "We will therefore examine all legal channels, then see how we can change the situation."