Goalkeeper KSC Hofmann: "We are an excited group" | Football | SWR Sports

The newcomer Karlsruher SC started optimally in the new season. Two games, two wins. Ranking. Half of KSC's goals have been achieved by the new signature of Philipp Hofmann.

Philipp Hofmann was the winner of the match. He scored two goals in the 4-2 win against Dynamo Dresden on Saturday. After his goal for the opening of the season at Wehen Wiesbaden, the striker is leading the scoring standings of the 2nd Bundesliga. The 26-year-old who arrived in Braunschweig earlier this season is a giant. The native of Arnsberg weighs 90 kilograms, he measures 195 cm. His teammate and KSC team captain, David Pisot, has shown himself enthusiastic about SWR's sports interview: "Philipp is a monster, he is at risk of fire, he is good for us, he proved it in the first two games. "

Hofmann was present when the match seemed to rock shortly before the break in favor of his opponent Dynamo Dresden. Sascha Horvath brought the Saxons with a good shot in the lead. Then, the KSC attacker was there. Hofmann scored the big equalizer a minute later, head in a corner. Philipp Hofmann: "We fought well against the good Dresdner players and took advantage of the opportunities to win just right at the end."

Coach Schwartz: "I'm a fan of him"

Philipp Hofmann has always been present in this game, always playable, and he was also lucky enough in 2: 1, while Dzenis Burnic directed his goal in his own goal. KSC coach Alois Schwartz has clenched his fist on the sidelines – and is perhaps congratulated for having driven Hofmann into the field of play. "Philipp is a good guy "said Schwartz. "I was already a fan of him when he was international under 21, and then he had a problem." The coach compares Hofmann's career with that of fellow striker Marvin Pourié, who looked like a globetrotter crossing different football leagues. Now, Schwartz is happy to have Hofmann on his team. "Philipp can play, that's what you saw against Dresden."

"It does not matter if it's beautiful"

After a quick free kick, Hofmann scored his second goal in the 67th minute to lead Karlsruhe 3-1. On the left, he placed the ball 20 meters in the goal of Dresdner. Double pack for the goalkeeper. "I'm happy with all the goals," he smiles later in the SWR microphone. "It does not matter if it looks bad or beautiful."

He really likes the second division of Baden. For his teammates, he finds only words of praise: "We are an excited group." Now he is in the first round of the DFB Cup against the rivals of the league, Hannover 96 (Monday, August 12, 18:30). Hofmann is optimistic: "We have confidence and of course we want to do one more trick."