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Meghan must return many of her birthday gifts

The duchess Meghan (38 years old) should now receive many gifts, because the bride celebrates her 38th birthday! Her husband, Prince Harry (34), has already sent her a moving message on social media. The former actress has certainly received a very special gift from her husband, which she hopes to keep, unlike many others. Meghan must pay a lot of attention.

how mirror reports, there are strict rules for British royals in this regard. The royal directives say: "The reason for accepting gifts from members of the royal family is that no gift, including hospitality or services, should involve the member of the royal family in any obligation to the donor. " So not only for the fans, but also for the designers who could send clothes from their collections to people of blue blood. Fortunately, there are some exceptions: Meghan should therefore accept flowers, food, books – but only those without controversial content – as well as gifts worth less than 164 euros.

Of course, the gift of Queen Elizabeth II (93) does not necessarily have to be rejected by the former actress Suits. According to sources, this 93-year-old man invited his grandson Harry, his wife and his son Archie Harrison to Meghan's birthday on their Balmoral Castle holiday property in Scotland.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at the European premiere of "The Lion King"
Duchess Meghan in March 2019Getty Images

Duchess Meghan in March 2019
Queen Elizabeth II and Duchess Meghan on the balcony of Buckingham PalaceGetty Images

Queen Elizabeth II and Duchess Meghan on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

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