NBC 7 Morning News. Upper and running 2

NBC 7 Morning News. Upper and running

This point is a little different for me. I shot the anchors, but the artwork was all archive. I have mixed feelings about this, but that's how it was done. Sometimes the schedule goes the way and at this point it really was about it.
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New Promo. New Gear. RodeLink, SmallHD 502 and 7Q+

On the production side, I used some new tools. SmallHD 502 and RodeLink Filmmaker series for audio playback. I decided to try RodeLink on my Sanken COS 11 lav mic because it had a 3.5 pin head. I used it with the Sennheiser G3, but I no longer have that system. I liked the microphone. It's really good.

The SmallHD 502 has a very nice sharp screen. Long lasting with LP-E6 batteries. Today, Sidefinder sends us. Would have wanted to get it for this shoot.

C300 C Loki
Canon 24-105
RodeLink with Sanken COS11
Cinema Flo Diva (2)
Aputure Amara AL-198 LED light. In the hall for side lighting and backlights
SmallHD 502
Xtender 2-Shot Friction Bracket for 502 Display
For Convergent Design 7Q + pilot monitor
Cinevate DUZI slider