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Philipp Plein: the designer delivers his battle to Ferrari

Rome –

Star designer Philipp Plein (41) and luxury car maker Ferrari are currently fighting a dirty advertising battle.

And the designer publishes them publicly – more or less against the will of the car brand – in social networks.

The German designer Philipp Plein is known for his rather chic lifestyle: in social networks, he shows himself either with expensive luxury cars, or next to beautiful women in tight pants or motorcycle in the most expensive stations of the world.

However, his prototype photos are very well received by his fans: the native of Munich has more than 1.8 million followers, for example on the social network Instagram (as of August 2019).

Philipp Plein polarized with Prollo in the net

Now, however, his proletarian posture has become the fatality of the 41-year-old: he has recently released several photos showing his new collection of sneakers on the hood of one of his four luxury Ferrari bodies.

In addition, the majority of photos and videos also show a sexy wash for slightly dressed women who are bored with valuable cars.

Although Plein garners a lot of encouragement for his bikini publications, a party with the photos does not seem to be in agreement: the Ferrari automaker itself.

Ferrari lawyer writes threatening letter to Philipp Plein

As Plein himself announced on the social network, he later received a message from the Italian brand – in which he claimed that he was a loyal customer over the past ten years and that four brand new luxury sleds had been purchased.

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It was a serious letter: he should remove the Ferrari photos, on which we see almost naked women, within the next 48 hours of the Instagram social network. The reason: the images put Ferrari in a bad light, did not fit the direction of the luxury brand.

Ferrari does not like to show its own brand to Philipp Plein

The contents of the letter are visible worldwide on Pleins' Instagram profile: According to Ferrari's lawyer, Fabrizio Sanna, Plein abused the Ferrari logo to promote his own products.

As the "Law Law" says, there could be something to this: the Ferrari logo is unknowingly presented to subscribers in connection with the Philipp Plein brand. It might even seem that the fashion designer has official cooperation with the automaker.

The star designer but this legal "threat letter" is quite bitter! On the social platform, he's warmed up about the behavior of Ferrari bosses.

Philipp Plein about Ferrari: "Are you making me sing?"

"Do you represent me?", He addresses himself directly to Ferrari. Then he explains to his fans: "Ferrari gave me an ultimatum of 48 hours to delete a picture of my personal Ferrari from my personal Instagram account".

Apparently, Plein can not stand this: "Ferrari's General Manager, Louis C. Camilleri, should think twice before authorizing his lawyers to send me such a letter."

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Full feels attacked. He has a hard time believing that the famous automaker is responding to his posts on Instagram: "I'm still speechless about Ferrari's unprofessional and aggressive behavior towards its customers."

Philipp Plein takes on the Ferrari boss challenge

Then the fashion designer makes a challenge:

It's definitely blackmail! I will not delete the photos and will sue the Ferrari company for this unprofessional behavior! I'm waiting for an official apology from Mr. Louis C. Camilleri!

That's not all: to fuel the fire, Full intelligently exploits the attention of the media and instantly launches a challenge on Instagram. Under the hashtag #PPKICKSGANG, users who also own expensive sports cars are allowed to display their own Philipp Plein shoes on hot metal sheets. If you sign up, you get 10% off the next pair of luxury shoes.

Philipp Plein announces its advertising battle with Ferrari

As Plein has not removed the photos (as of August 4, 2019) from his account, the fight is expected to take place in court soon. Again, the designer told the builder, "No one personally attacks me without my support, my lawyers will give everything and I will make each step public until Ferrari stops harassing its own customers." "

So, the mud battle is not yet completely over … (Your)