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Report: US, Mexico agree to wait for asylum seekers in Mexico

The Washington Post reports that the US and Mexico have agreed on a plan to allow asylum seekers to wait while processing their application in Mexico.

The White House has reportedly signed an agreement with the new Mexican government to allow migrants seeking asylum in the US to wait in Mexico while their cases are processed.
According to the Washington PostThe plan titled "Staying in Mexico" was confirmed by the new Minister of the Interior of Mexico, Olga Sánchez Cordero. "For now, we have agreed to this policy of staying in Mexico."
"The medium and long term solution is that people do not migrate, Mexico has open arms and everything, but imagine one caravan after another would be a problem for us too," she added.
The plan is not yet formalized and could pose legal challenges, but US officials believe it can help curb the rising number of asylum seekers, mostly from Central America, and the "catch and release" criticized by President Trump "System to finish.
Mexico reportedly did not ask for financial support to offset its spending. Instead, southern officials have pointed out that this could be a way to strengthen the region as a whole.
Trump for his part remained calm about the deal, but increasingly commented on the need for border security, reports CNN,
On Thursday, he threatened to close the entire southern border in response to a group of Central American migrants who were making their way to the United States. Many of them are looking for asylum.
And the next day Trump tweeted"Republicans and Democrats MUST finally come together to form a comprehensive package for border security, including financing the wall, and after 40 years of talks, it's finally time to act – set the border once and for all." NOW. " ! ".