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TuS Asterlagen is back in the football circle cup |

On the Bas-Rhin.
TuS Asterlagen played their first competitive match after relegating SV Büderich to the trophy on the football circuit.

TuS Asterlagen is back in the trophy of the football circuit

The big surprises did not happen in the first round of the Kurt Blömer Circle Cup. The FC Meerfeld football club celebrated 8-0 (2-0) against SV Büderich of the B-League.

Dustin Eichholz led the way with two goals, one opening and one halftime whistle. After the break, FCM had an easy match against declining hosts. Nadim Hajroussi (3), Julian Hillus, Tobias Tatzel and Eichholz have increased.

Concordia Ossenberg – SV Schwafheim 1: 2 (0: 0). The Schwafheim district league won the first round of the league against A-Kreisligist Ossenberg. Dennis Lehmann led Concordia in the lead after just over an hour. Felix Hilla and Lars Drauschke played the game in the last five minutes.

DJK Kamp-Lintfort – VfL Repelen 0: 6 (0: 0) The division of the district, Repelen, fought for the half-time in Kamp-Lintfort, of the B-League. After the goal of Enes Balci shortly after the break, it was easier. Ilias Taj and Deldar Zakholy rose in the 70th minute. Yasin Duman (2) and Ozan Sengül have continued to follow in the last ten minutes. Kamp-Lintforts Daniel Tempesta had already seen the red card after 33 minutes.

Viktoria Alpen – Borussia Veen 0: 2 (0: 1). Ken Klemmer brought the Veen District League team on the road to victory after 15 minutes. A-Ligist Alpen had to bury his hopes after Kevin Holz's 2-0 win at the start of the finals.

Rumelner TV – SpVgg. Rheurdt-Schaephuysen 5: 1 (2: 1). Surprisingly, Rumeln won Kreisliga A's internal duel. After Felix Dressler's first tour, Frederik Michalski and Andre Kuleczka opened the match with a double strike just before half-time. Subsequently, Demir raised Isa (2) and Frédéric Scheiblich.

MSV Moers – SV Orsoy 7: 1 (2: 0). Also at Meerbeck, the duel of two A-Ligisten was different. Objectives: Boris Vertkin (2), Stephan Dicks, Ekrem Aksu, Denis Bruckhaus, Zeki Yavuz, Astrit Krasniqi (both MSV); Stephan Barth (SVO).

Hanz triumphs for TuS Borth to victory

SV Ginderich – SSV Lüttingen 0: 6 (0: 4). At C-Ligist Ginderich A-Ligist Lüttingen had no problem. Janik Schweers (2), Nico Scholten, Jérôme Niehues, Maik Schmitz and Michel Denzau hit the goal.

SV Haesen-Hochheide – VfL Rheinhausen 0: 7 (0: 4). In C-League, Haesen-Hochheide A-League Rheinhausen has had no problem. Objectives: Denny Schumann (4), Emre Okumus (2), Maxmilian Paleka.

SC Rheinkamp – FC Rumeln-Kaldenhausen 0: 4 (0: 2). Also A-Ligist FCR won at B-Ligist ruler Rheinkamp. Objectives: Marius Wiesener (2), Bjorn Kluth, Kevin Roos.

SV Menzelen – TuS Xanten 0: 2 (0: 2). Xanten, champion of the A-League, has triumphed with confidence in B-Ligist Menzelen. Niklas Binn and Joris Ofterdinger scored goals for the Fürstenberg team.

TuS Borth – SV Millingen 1: 0 (0: 0). In Borth, two players from Ligue A were confronted. Philipp Hanz scored the only goal in the 80th minute.

TV Chapels – ESV Hohenbudberg 2: 3 (0: 2). Hohenbudberg won the goals of Mohamed Nasser, Baran Özcan and Musa Can Celik. Marvin Schwindowski and Alkan Atli have been able to shorten only the B-Ligist chapters.

SuS Rayen – TuS Asterlagen 4: 6 (1: 2). In a varied game, C-Ligist Rayen claimed the B-Ligist on the domestic ashes of everything. For Rayen, Tobias Gerits (2), Marvin Koslowska and Philip Preuß competed to lead 1-0 and 3-2. In the end, Erkin Özmen (2), Tugay Kadam, Ali-Cem Boyacilar, Samet Uz and Serkan Yaman shot Asterlagen in the first TuS competition match after the demolition in the relegation against Büderich, but in the second round.

TB Rheinhausen – OSC Rheinhausen 3: 6 (2: 1). In the derby between the two B-Ligisten, the TB scored 0: 1 in 3-1 and then lost again. Objectives: Florian Weyers, Marcel Ahlbeer, Christian Giesen (TB); Oguz Yüksel (4), Abdülhamit Öztürk, Suleimann Hamse (OSC).

Red-White Moers – Viktoria Birten 4: 2 (2: 2, 1: 0) after overtime. After goals of Serhat Karabulut and Driton Xhema (RWM), as well as Marc Balonier (Birten), this happened between the B-Ligisten in the extension. The objectives of Serhat Karabulut and Eren Kayman were decided.

Alemannia Kamp – Vynen-Marienbaum SV 5: 0 (1: 0). Kamp won the internal B duel with the duel unexpectedly. Alemannia's goals drew on Gökhan Öztürk (2). Steve Koschmann, Miroslav Barac, Christopher Jordan.

DJK Wardt – TuS Baerl 4: 1 (2: 0). In the duel of two C-Ligisten, the hosts eventually won sovereign. Objectives: Jonas Koch (2), Jan-Eric Kleinschulte, Matthias Swenne (DJK); Dirk Scholtheis (TuS).