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1. FC Kaiserslautern: decapitated football statues before the Derby


That's what the 11 friends looked like before the attack. image: imago images / SMI Icon

Before the derby: decapitated football statues in Kaiserslautern

Before the Fritz Walter stadium in Kaiserslautern, there was an action without taste: Strangers decapitated two football statues on the famous Elf-Friends roundabout near the stadium and smeared the famous blue paint attraction. Behind, there are fans of a rival.

According to the police, witnesses found on Monday night that several people had sprayed blue paint on a distribution box. The suspects fled with a vehicle.

While the two football personalities were beheaded the same night and treated with blue paint, the police suspect a link. According to their own statements, they are now investigating eight suspects. During the inspection of a vehicle, the agents noticed the people and provided them with color sprays.

According to the police, police suspected of being from the Rhine-Neckar region could be SV Waldhof Mannheim football fans. On 1 September, 1. FC Kaiserslautern receives long time SV Waldhof, who plays after years of amateur football in the third division. The match is considered a high risk game. In the past, there were offenses between the individual perpetrators of the two fan camps.


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