Accompanied by Trans-Mann in Berlin 2

Accompanied by Trans-Mann in Berlin

Berlin Police

A trans-enemy incident used the Berlin police
Saturday in the district of Marzahn: According to the testimonies, was 21 years old
Trans-husband insulted and beaten by four teenagers at 4.30 pm

Two boys made fun of the trans man and then beat them with two friends

The trans man was accompanied by a young man of 18 years old and
a 15 year old teenager on the cosmonauts avenue to a short and
Convenience business on the move. On the way, they met two
Teenagers with whom they quarreled. Both insults
Explode the trans man several times because of his gender identity.

After the trans and his mate the business
Once again, they went to a bus stop. There the trio met
the two boys again, they were accompanied by two other men. the
Four tried to provoke the Trans Man further, he and his companions
ignored the foursome, though.

So the four men rushed to the
18 year-old Trans-Man mate and beat him on the ground. So you should
they also hit him several times.

The four attackers were able to flee without being recognized

When the 21-year-old alarmed the police, the
The attackers flee without being recognized. Rescuers provided 18 years
first on the spot, then he came to outpatient treatment in a clinic. as well
the 15-year-old companion was taken to hospital for outpatient treatment
brought because she was clearly in shock.

More details about the attackers made the Berliner
The police not. The investigation has, as usual with all hate crimes, the
Police protection by the state supported by the Berlin Criminal Police.

More violence against LGBT reported to police

The number of cases of violence against sexual and gender minorities in Berlin has increased in 2018. It may also be because they are reported more often. The Berlin police counted 225 offenses against sexual minorities last year, 54 more than the year before. Of these, 47% could be enlightened – an increase until 2017, when the wake-up rate was 42%.

Anyone who becomes a victim of a hate crime can be on the Internet guard
the Berlin police
place an ad online. There is also
Berlin police two people contact for LSBTI. They are under the
Phone number + 49 / (0) 30/4664 979 444 available. When gay
The Maneo anti-violence project could be a hostile crime against LGBTI in Berlin via the website or the phone number of the raid
+ 49 / (0) 30/216 33 36 (every day from 17h to 19h).