Altcoin and Bitcoin prediction: Course explosion or false start? 2

Altcoin and Bitcoin prediction: Course explosion or false start?

Some people think that it is very likely that most cryptographic startups will deteriorate in the near future. The industry is becoming more and more professional, which would entail the consumption of small fish in the crypto sea. One suffers, the other Freud. While the big players are overflowing with power, others are fighting for their survival. The big question for traders and investors, however, is how will this continue with the Bitcoin & Co. course. Are the positive or negative Altcoin and Bitcoin predictions offset?

Positive atmosphere in the crypto market

Overall, we can say that the atmosphere does not seem euphoric, but cautiously optimistic. Of course, it depends on the piece to be weighed. For IOTA forecasts, it is of course ordered differently than for example at Bitcoin Cash. It's just because the concept is fundamentally different. At least in the 20 most common cryptographic currencies (market capitalization), many pieces seem to be going up in the future, at least in the long run. Of course, short-term fixes are always possible and sometimes used intelligently by savvy investors.

Donald Trump and the potential Bitcoin

As most cryptography enthusiasts know, the US president recently criticized digital currencies. Cryptologist Zhao said it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump bought Bitcoin. As a statesman, he was simply required to protect and praise the US dollar beyond measure. However, at the latest after his dismissal, an investment in bitcoins would not be an obstacle. Such statements are undoubtedly very speculative. However, one can not deny that the positive news of Ethereum, Bitcoin and IOTA do not seem to have an end. Thus, some are racing with the Bitcoin forecast that reaching a new unprecedented high is only a matter of time.

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