ASAP Rocky: Celebrating Freedom with Kanye West 2

ASAP Rocky: Celebrating Freedom with Kanye West

ASAP Rocky is back in the United States after staying in a Swedish prison. His freedom was celebrated with Kanye West and his family.

American rapper ASAP Rocky (30, "Changes") reportedly celebrated his release from a Swedish prison with Kanye West ("My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"). The musician, who was released this weekend after a month in jail, was reportedly seen by the US magazine "People" at the West Sunday ceremony. Kim Kardashian's husband, 38, holds a religious ceremony once a week in California.

Video clips on social media show ASAP Rocky in conversation with Kendall Jenner (23), Kanye West's sister-in-law, among others. Both were told in 2017 a short romantic relationship.

The judgment is still pending

ASAP Rocky arrived in the United States on Saturday morning. On Friday, he had to appear again in the Stockholm courthouse, before going directly into a private jet, which brought him back to his native country. In early July, the rapper was arrested in Sweden after having a palpable confrontation with a young man of 19 years. He was later charged with assault.

The verdict of the Swedish judge is still pending, it should be announced on August 14th. ASAP Rocky was originally in Sweden for a two-day hip-hop festival when the incident occurred. Since then, he claims to have been a victim of attackers and simply defended himself with his friends. The other side claims that the trio abused a 19-year-old with kicks.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been trying to help their friend by using their links with the White House. US President Donald Trump (73) telephoned Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (62). From Stockholm, it has been said that the Swedish judiciary is independent of the government, which should not interfere in legal affairs. In Sweden, "before the law is the same".

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