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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Co .: How Crypto Courses Will Expand Monday | 5:08:19

The current prices of the most important cybercafts at a glance.

The price of the Bitcoin digital currency is now $ 11,697.46. The day before, the price was $ 10,949.43.

The spot price of Bitcoin has risen to 352.89 USD. The day before, the cryptocurrency was worth $ 336.52.

The Ethereum course is stronger than the day before. Currently, an Ethereum is worth 233.58 US dollars. Yesterday the price was $ 222.23.

The price in Litecoin is $ 104.10 higher than the day before. There was still 92.82 dollars on the track.

The cashing price is now 0.2663 USD, compared to 0.3191 USD the previous day.

The course of Cardano has increased. The price of Cardano reached 0.0580 USD after reaching 0.0565 USD the previous day.

The Monero course attracted. At noon, Monero reached 94.20 US dollars, after having noted the day before at 87.99 US dollars.

The IOTA price increases to 0.2938 USD. The day before, there was $ 0.2869 on the track.

The price of the digital currency Verge is today at 0.0057 USD in negative. The day before, the price was $ 0.0060.

The Stellar price is $ 0.0833. The price was $ 0.0819 the day before.

The NEM price is trading at $ 0.0661 more. The day before, the price was $ 0.0628.

The Dash price has gone up. The price of Dash reached $ 108.97 after reaching $ 106.66 the day before.

The price of NEO digital currency is now at $ 12.41. The day before, the price was $ 11.93.