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Bobics worried for German football |

Fredi Bobic is looking forward to the end of the Florida training camp. Daily affairs are waiting for him now.
If the 50 + 1 rule does not fall into the future, Fredi Bobic fears a permanent monotony in the league.

The sports council of Eintracht Frankfurt, Fredi Bobic, has ruled in favor of the abolition of the 50 + 1 rule in German football. In the long run, the former striker of the national team fears otherwise consistent power relations in the Bundesliga. Bobic also cares about offspring.

It would be in the German football landscape "Too many fears fed" when talking about the subject rule 50 + 1. It's Bobic's opinion in an interview with the magazine "Playboy". Already in the past, the 1996 European Champion had commented on this issue and was open to an abolition of the rule, which is to give clubs decision-making power over external investors. However, if the rule were to fall, Bobic argued for reason and responsibility. We must then make a wise decision. "That would not automatically mean that the evil tycoon comes from far away and tears everything away"says the 47-year-old.

If the structures do not change, Bobic fears in the long run a certain monotony in the German professional football because we are already allowed to do the experiment. After all, FC Bayern Munich has won the last seven championships at Isar. Behind it usually land Borussia Dortmund and Leipzig. Variety at the top of the table: no indication. The tenor at the end of a season, at least for the championship fight: boring. It is therefore above all to create opportunities to generate funds and therefore to remain competitive. Otherwise would "Power relations remain as they are"Bobic is sure.

A pampered offspring

But not only about finances, the football official worries. Even the junior zone causes him headaches. To spoil is the youth in his eyes. This is on one side a home made problem by the clubs. "I think they're too much of a carer"Bobic observes. If a young player comes to the junior performance center, everything will be worn. "I say, sorry, you should know how to drive a tram or stick a stamp on a letter. "he puts his finger in the wound.

But also in the development of society, Bobic tries to prove this fact. "Where are the leaders and the guys, do we even develop that?"he is asking himself. "We give everything exactly to children, let's make everything in their mouths, why is a child driven to school when it is only two kilometers away?" Bobic can not find an answer to his questions. He sees, however, an obvious difference in his youth: "Before, I had to go to school for 30 minutes." Was not a problem. "

"I do not want to be a professional today."

Today, Bobic does not want to be a professional anymore, he says. In addition to criticism, he expresses his sympathy to the current generation of footballers. Because in the age of the Internet and social media, professionals are served on the silver platter. The most recent example is the video clip of defender Martin Hinteregger, who showed him drunk at a village party after a team night at FC Augsburg training camp.

Although Bobic does not want to approve what happened to the Austrian, as he had said after the European Cup match against Flora Tallinn in the television cameras on "Nitro", he then took the new obligation of protection: "He's a good boy – but he has to be careful about that stuff – everything is recorded today."

And once it has been registered, it will soon be exploited – the example of Hinteregger also showed clearly. But with all the professionalism expected of footballers, we must not forget that they are only human beings. Misprints do not stay with this species. Bobic also sees it in the "Playboy", which sees the professionals of today brought to some of their youth because of the socialization of the media: "Do something that everyone does at 20, 25 or 30 years: just tap on the ropes." In fact, something completely normal, Bobic knows and adds: "I do not want to be a professional today at the time of the smartphone.Luckily, they did not exist in my day, thank goodness."