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Börse Express – Bitcoin: good luck winning for strong nerves!

At Bitcoin on July 31, we proved that we were a "nose" for good business opportunities. In our statement to subscribers of the same day, we wrote: "It is not yet clear whether we have reached the lowest support level, but the three peaks of the graphic image should actually lead to an escape. Because of the best risk / reward ratio, we offer brave traders the "best" entry. "

We rarely offer a "good" starter, but if we say "good" it means a very good chance. The article was published under the title: "Bitcoin: is leveling an opportunity?". Among other things, we pointed out in the text that after a price increase up to a good profit of $ 14,000, the price was reduced to less than $ 10,000. We also wrote that the technical situation of cards for newcomers could bring a chance to win.

The hypothesis that the image of the graph could indicate an epidemic has been confirmed. The record was announced Saturday just below the $ 11,000 mark, which is already in a few days a significant profit for subscribers. But the scale is not sufficient for our claim to take into account in the title. But that could change soon, we see on the technical table a cup formation, which is now over and that could wait for the Henkelbildung. After that, an epidemic on the rise would actually be obvious. The base above the $ 11,000 mark is definitely a sign of purchase in our eyes. We can still imagine that many investors and traders will move their exchange capital or a part of it into the current stock market stage and invest again in Bitcoin or, possibly, in a certificate on Bitcoin.

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