BVB - Bayern: Kimmich kick off against Sancho: 5 ugly football sites 2

BVB – Bayern: Kimmich kick off against Sancho: 5 ugly football sites

Kimmich against Sancho: in just 60 seconds, it shows the problems that professional football must finally eliminate

The action of Joshua Kimmich against Jadon Sancho in the Supercup duel between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern was more than a kick. It reveals five ugly facets of football that we do not want to see anymore.

Signal Iduna Park, 76th minute of the Supercup between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern. Joshua Kimmich deflects the ball from Jadon Sancho. From this comes the excitement of the game, which focuses on five ugly aspects of professional football, observers and supporters are a thorn in the side and the sport harms the bales. Four of these five facts take place in less than 60 seconds.

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1. Frustrating actions against any equity

The Bayern player receives Jadon Sancho on the foot, it's very clear. An action of frustration, which also has to do with the Bayern star's disappointing score of 0: 2. The national player complains even of the yellow card cashed and shows no understanding.

Kimmich is only 24, but has already played 172 games in competition for FC Bayern and 42 internationals. A model for many young footballers could well be expected to approach a little more deliberately and to maintain control, even with a boring score. These actions have not lost anything on the football field, either in the Bundesliga or in Kreisklasse.

2. Theatrical fall

Yes, Kimmich's kick against the ankle and spanking was undoubtedly painful. The fact that Jadon Sancho falls directly, writhing and even striking three times painfully on the ground, as if he had broken his foot, is exaggerated. In terms of flowers, one could say that he wanted to give more expression to the situation.

"My foot is fine, okay," said Sancho, who limped through the catacombs after the match with a bandage, to "Good king News" on Sunday. The bottom line should be noted: The situation was half less bad. The theatrical contribution, however, no doubt attracted more attention.

3. The Crux with the video referee

In this scene, referee Daniel Siebert (35) and video assistant Robert Schröder (33) in Cologne were put in touch. But he did not recommend to Siebert, according to "Good king News", to watch the scene again on the monitor. Siebert was standing more than 20 meters away, so it was difficult to see Kimmich's kick. Exactly for such situations, but the video assistant was introduced.

The referees Lutz Michael Froehlich and Jochen Drees, head of the video project, admitted Monday errors concerning Kimmich's kick. The player should have left the field and the video assistant Schröder had "made a mistake in the formal process". The whirlwind around the video referee is revived, for an understanding that does not provide.

Siebert also whistled the DFB Cup semi-final between Bremen and Bayern, won by Munich with a controversial penalty. Even then, the referee was not called in the margin of the controller.

4. Players are not up to their mistakes

DAZN journalist Sebastian Benesch was close to the action and said Kimmich had repeated to referee Siebert several times: "It was just a swallow". No, it was not that, because the kick took place.

After the match, Kimmich explained the situation a little differently: "I wanted to have the ball with the sole and at that moment, Sancho pushed his leg so that I could not have any more." "I had no intention of defiling it or hurting it, it would be stupid to do it when the ball is stopped – everyone is watching, I just wanted the game to be fast."

After all, Kimmich no longer talks about swallow, but insight always seems different. The Bayern national team played with some sympathy. Had he spoken, for example, of a "stupid overreaction" and the fact that luck had not had to fly away, it would have come out much more openly.

5. Officials do not speak plain text

If even the player does not admit that he has earned money there, it could at least make his leader. He does not have it. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic confirmed the Kimmich version: "I saw it live, it was not a map for me, he wanted to hit the ball with the sole and by chance, the Jadon enters into Thu." That the boss wants to protect his actor, it is legitimate, but he could say: "Since the Joshua was lucky, in red, he can not complain."

In a week and a half, the Bundesliga starts its 57th season. Even before the first kickoff (Bayern against Hertha BSC on August 16), supporters are shown on the silver board, which you do not want to see.

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