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Close up on crypto: 1.3 billion dollars transferred to Bitcoin: who is the mysterious whaler bitcoin? | message

• 142,323 Bitcoins were moved in late July
• 0.8% of all bitcoins in circulation
• Who is behind the transaction?

In the cryptographic community, Larry Cermak, director of research at The Block, was the first to notice. On Twitter, he ran the news asking if anyone had noticed the huge deal that had occurred on July 29th. "Has anyone noticed that a massive whale (probably no purse) had moved 142,323 BTC yesterday (about 12 hours ago)?"

Bitcoin rose to the equivalent of 1.3 billion dollars

At the time of the transaction, moving parts were worth more than $ 1.3 billion. The massive amount of bitcoins that has been moved, according to Cermak, accounts for 0.8% of all coins in circulation, the most popular cryptocurrency.

No wonder crypto fans are worried. Large-scale public sales of Bitcoin can quickly have a big impact on price. Especially now that the value of Bitcoin has stabilized and is at a relatively high level.

Cermak, an investor in Crypto, also told Twitter followers that another important transaction was under way shortly before its announcement. – Bitcoin trading with Plus 500 – that's how it works. 80.6% of CFD retail accounts lose money. – Nearly 50,000 Bitcoins have been moved 18 hours before the shipment, but he suspects that there is no connection between the two giant deals due to jet lag.

Xapo or Satoshi Nakamoto involved?

In Cermak's Twitter post, Crypto fans then explained with precision who could be responsible for the large-scale transaction. It is believed that Xapo could have completed the transaction. The Hong Kong-based company provides a portfolio where crypto owners can keep their coins.

Xapo's Bitcoin activity was acquired by Coinbase this year. The giant transaction could be related to this acquisition. Incidentally, much of the pieces that have been moved have been inactive since 2015, Twitter users said.

Who is actually Bitcoin, is not known yet. Some members of the cryptographic community even guessed that the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was responsible for the transaction. In the end, the identity of Bitcoins can not be clarified: anonymity is one of the pillars of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


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