Curiosity of the District League: all Bayreuth teams come out empty - football 2

Curiosity of the District League: all Bayreuth teams come out empty – football

The curiosity was not only the result of the Altstädter reserve that day, but also because all the other teams in the Bayreuth area remained without a single point: the TSV St. Johannis Bayreuth beat the SpVgg Selbitz 0: 1, SV Bavaria Waischenfeld SSV Kasendorf with 0: 3, SV Mistelgau with FC Rehau with 0: 1, TSV Kirchenlaibach with FC Trogen 1: 2 and BSC Bayreuth-Saas with FC Tirschenreuth with 0: 2.

SpVgg Bayreuth II – SV Poppenreuth 4: 5 (3: 1)

The Old Towners had quickly recovered from the shock of the fast residue. Gregor von Westphalen's 1-1 win (5th) marked the beginning of a solid phase of Spvgg II, which was again crowned by Westphalen 3-1 in the 29th minute. Blacks-yellow liked to go out with a fast and straight Umschaltspiel, but always had to be on the alert against offensive guests. The great danger emanating from Poppenreuthern, the Wurster Elf, has been dramatically demonstrated after the change. In less than 22 minutes, visitors scored 1: 3 and 4: 3, but the tying goal of Holub was preceded by a clear foul on SpVgg goalkeeper Habelitz. The old players now acted with the courage of despair. In the 86th minute, Ochs still had a good opportunity to tie up, but then conceded in front of the decisive goal the decisive 3: 5 of Joza, who had found himself afterwards.

SpVgg Bayreuth II: Habelitz – Schier Meier, Krebs, Riess, Reutlinger, Buchmann (46th Seeger), Lang, Ochs, Kaymaz, Grasser, von Westphalen.

SR: Michel (stone meadows);

spectators: 80th

objectives: 0: 1 Joza (3rd), 1: 1 from Westphalen (5th), 2: 1 Grasser (19th), 3: 1 from Westphalen (29th), 3: 2 Koncal (47), 3: 3 Holub (56. ), Krishna (67.), 3: 4 Joza (90. + 1), 4: 5 from Westphalen (90. + 6).

TSV St. Johannis – SpVgg Selbitz 0: 1 (0: 1)

Selbitz lobbied from the start and had already, after seven minutes, Gebhardt's first big opportunity. But he found his master in the best chancellor, goalkeeper Merrick. In return, at home had his head on his foot, but missed the Bayreuthers lupers housing Selbitzer by a few inches. Gebhard did better than in the 7th minute in the 25th, when he punished a disagreement in the TSV defense with 1-0. Honestly, the Gröger-Eleven experienced difficulties during the episode, but it did not exceed half the odds but did not jump. After the break, the same picture: Selbitz was decisive, tried Kanz. The storm storm continued to put the back of the TSV face problems. If Selbitz had always used his chances and goalkeeper Merrick had not caught such an exceptional day, the match would have been decided earlier. Goalkeeper Kanzer held his team with solid parades in the match, the Chancellors offered two or three opportunities, but in each case lacked the decisive centimeters. In the end, a well-deserved victory of the Selbitzer, which had the most mature playground.

TSV St. Johannis: Merrick – Regn, Fromm (46th B. Wedge), Guhl (86th Qajomi), Petrik, Auer, Herath, Launey, Strobel (58th C. Wedge), Heim, Fleissner.

SR: Mildenberger (Maroldsweisach);

spectators: 130th

Tor: 0: 1 Gebhardt (25th).

FC Rehau – SV Mistelgau 1: 0 (0: 0)

The guest was decisive for the game, but the FC was good, which forced the absence of forcing. It was dangerous for Rehau only in the 18th minute, but Rach FC goalkeeper Karnitzschky failed. Now, the local team has ventured more, but the possibilities of Croitoru and Eiswert have remained unused. After the break, the pressure of the guests was considerably reduced. He has now developed a balanced game without great opportunities. When everything indicated a 0-0, the FC played again quickly in the center. Müller was suddenly 18 meters in front of the goal, after a luper. He took the ball, ran to goalkeeper Friedrich, remained calm and pushed sharply into the right corner of the winning goal.

SV Mistelgau: Friedrich – K. Boog (77th Scheidler), Gässlein (61st place), Grüner, pitcher, Ganster, D. Langlois, Eberlein, Rach, Schmitt (75th Neuner), Sippl.

SR: Stapf (Breitengüßbach);

spectators: 100

Tor: 1: 0 Müller (89.).

Bavaria Waischenfeld – SSV Kasendorf 0: 3 (0: 1)

In the 40th minute, Dinkel's Bavaria, whose shot was clear on the line, and a shot from the post by Cakirgöz offered a much better chance. When the ball came into Mullen's striker's stroke after an unfortunate defensive action from Weichert's hand, he kept his cool and became cold. The home leg breeding in the second section ended abruptly in the middle of the second half after two standard situations. At the first goalkeeper, Schatz could not defuse the ball into the crowd, so that Pistor had only to push. On the other hand, he was helpless against Fuchs' massive head, next to Jahrsdörfer, one of the best Kasendorfer. In the end, the guests were even closer to the fourth goal than the honored goals of Bavaria, so that they absolutely left the field as winners.

Bavaria Waischenfeld: Schatz, Weichert, Rost, Scherm (66. O. Huppmann), J. Schatz, Reh (82 C. Huppmann), Beyer, Meidenbauer, Cakirgoz (78. Braun), spelled, gold.

SR: Gawlik (Wilhermsdorf);

spectators: 150th

objectives: Mullen (44), 0: 2 Pistor (60), 0: 3 Fuchs (65).

FC Trogen – TSV Kirchenlaibach 2: 1 (1: 0)

Trogen immediately plays forward and records his first significant offensive actions, but still misses the last decisive pass. So had to serve a standard situation to create an opportunity to score. Gahn was heading to the corner, Mulzer was in the right place and headed for the first goal. After the break, the local defense was initially in a deep sleep and allowed Pätzold to play alone against goalkeeper Rupprecht, who remained victorious in this duel. Two pointers later, Masching improved, he scored the clearing after a solo attempt. However, Trogen kept his foot on the field and was unlucky with a Okraffka crossbar and another great opportunity from Mulzer. When the guest player, Pätzold, saw the traffic light map because of Ballwegschlagens, the pressure from the CF increased again. The attack after the attack rocked to the door of the TSV. In the 84th minute, it was time for Mulzer to cross the Kruber, who was returning the ball to the post.

TSV Kirchenlaibach: Dujicek – Kastl (63rd Deubzer), Hofmann, Poellath, Sebald, Bauernfeind (87th Stangel), Sendelbeck, Hader, Pätzold, Heindl, Masching.

SR: Seifert (boars);

Spectators: 95.

objectives: 1: 0 Mulzer (41.), 1: 1 Masching (57.), 2: 1 Kruber (84.).

Yellow-red card: Pätzold (71./Kirchenlaibach).

FC Tirschenreuth – BSC Bayreuth-Saas 2: 0 (0: 0)

The Saas set the tone right from the start and sent the locals into their half of the match, but FC's attentive coverage did not allow them to distance themselves. Maßberger (BSC) had the greatest opportunity to score in the 36th minute with a free kick at 20 meters. Goalkeeper Denk was putting his fingertips on the crossbar. Just after the break, Siegert managed a corner with a volley deflected in the corner of the grid. And this inspired the place gentlemen. Schön scored the second goal after a superb pass from Wimmer. The last half hour was for the CF at the defensive battle. Invited striker Greef had several problems: the crossbar, the safe goalkeeper Denk and Popp with his header on the goal line prevented the goal.

BSC Bayreuth-Saas: Obwandner – D. Weber, Puttich, Otto, Gubitz (78th Meyer), Mr. Weber, Hanika (66th Meinhardt), Heissenstein, Maßberger, Greef, Dörfler (78th noble).

SR: Löffler (Windheim);

spectators: 150th

objectives: 1: 0 Siegert (46.), 2: 0 Nice (64.).