Discovery "Alaska Week" 2

Discovery "Alaska Week"

Role: Different elements modeled, Uvmapping, Zbrush, texturing

Design / Production Company: HUSH

Creative directors: David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk

Main Producer: Casey Steele

Artistic director: Laura Alejo

Design: Graham Hill, Wes Ebelhar, Laura Alejo

2D Animation: Elliot Blanchard, Bryan Cobonpue, Salih Abdul-Karim, Wes Ebelhar

3D Modeling / Animation: Scott Denton, Orges Kokoshari

3D Lighting and Pattern: Matthew Wilson

Producer: Jessica Le

Author: Charles Short

Editor: Ian Ogden, Eli Mavros

Music / Sound Design: Antfood

Composers: Wilson Brown, Polly Hall

EP: Sean McGovern

The discovery Channel

Directed by: Valerie Carrillo

Production Manager: Kevin Lahr

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

VP Creative: Dan Bragg

Artistic Director: Amie Nguyen