Expedia | Invisibility Los Angeles 2

Expedia | Invisibility Los Angeles

"One of the twelve Expedia filmmakers chosen to portray the city from a unique perspective. Here are some places that make sense to me around the ones I love most here on the west coast of Whackass."

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Kristen Refermat (seekernetwork.com/sixpennyglobe)
Jordan Firstman (vimeo.com/jtfirstman)

Directed, photographed and edited by:
Alex Bohs (http://alexbohs.com)

Brian Holl (http://foreignfields.net)

Millie's Cafe (http://milliescafela.com)
Silverlake Farmers Market (goo.gl/7q2L01)
American Vintage (goo.gl/BDv012)
Ozzie Dots (http://ozziedots.com)
Echo Park Pedal Boats (goo.gl/BDv012)
Malibu Creek (parks.ca.gov/?page_id=614)
El Chavo (http://elchavorestaurant.com)
Cinespia (http://cinespia.org)
DYC LA (danceyourselfclean.com/#!la/c77e)

In collaboration with:
NFFTY (http://nfftycreative.org)

© 2015