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FC Deisenhofen football exhibition in Bayernliga 5-1 win

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Observers say this football match could have ended in double digits. In the end, FC Deisenhofen remained friendly (he).

– It was, especially in the second half, a football demonstration, this 5: 1 (2-1) of FC Deisenhofen on Türkspor Augsburg 1972. A consistent assessment of opportunities would have been a double-digit success. "A great match, one of the best I have ever seen from my team," enthused head coach Hannes Sigurdsson.

His team made a dazzling start: in the second minute, Tobias Rembeck found himself on the right side in the 1-0 corner. But the co-promoters fought back: Deisenhofen goalkeeper Enrico Caruso did not needed only a free kick (8), then he parried against David Kazaryan (16). Shortly thereafter, however, the FCD was again allowed to applaud: after Rembeck's return, Michael Bachhuber dropped the ball during acceptance and dumped it in the ball (19). Only 60 seconds later, the scorer ran alone on Augsburg's home, but closed too hastily (20). Now, the Deisenhofners seemed to have everything under control, but they missed the third goal, especially in the 31st minute: Bachhuber had placed inside, but Evrad Ulrich Ngeukeu and Tobias Muggesser were in good position respectively instead of complete and that Martin Mayer's turn and took a heart, his shot was blocked. And behind the goosebumps once entered: Giovanni Goia completed a nice combination of Augsburg, but the blue shirts made in that 2-1 were also a little serious counter-resistance (44.).

The local team started the second round as the first, with a quick shot, namely: Bachhuber again took a flank Ngeukeu with the chest and the nets of a wide-angle end (47.) . The 3: 1 was the starting signal for a Deisenhofner football match, which was however favored by the decreasing resistance of Augsburg, as midfielder Martin Mayer noted, referring to the lack of attitude of the guests after the change, declaring: "They made us easy."

Spectators were able to watch a show that only Thomas Reichlmayr could resist. "A great goalkeeper," Sigurdsson told the Türkspor goalkeeper, who still played a minor role in Rembeck's rather harmless attempt from first place (52) and then against Bachhuber's class parades (62). and from Rembeck (64.) showed. All chances have been preceded by big moves. When Bachhuber fell after Marco Finster's center in the penalty area, a penalty appeared and the 4: 1 time limit was due to Finster's sovereign transformation (72). She also went to 5: 1 (78th), after a new reaction from Rembeck, Reichlmayr (75.) had failed. Even after the fifth goal, the blue shirts could have messed up the result even higher in three or four situations.

Despite the beautiful playfulness with which his troupe played this game over long distances, Sigurdsson was particularly impressed by the persistence with which they eventually dismantled the adversary in his individual parts, technically unsuitable and unrelated individualists: "If you give such a team a chance, things can turn out differently, but the attitude and mentality of my players are excellent and I am very proud of my team."


Caruso – Muggesser (76th Schneiker), Nickl, Köber, Vodermeier, Rembeck, Martin Mayer (72nd Yime), Müller-Wiesen, Finster, Ngeukeu, Bachhuber (72nd Schmid)

1: 0 Rembeck (2), 2: 0 Bachhuber (19), 2: 1 Goia (44), 3: 1 Bachhuber (47), 4: 1 Finster (72., penalty), 5: 1 Finster (78. )