Football - The Chemnitzer FC throws captain Frahn because of his closeness to the right - sport 2

Football – The Chemnitzer FC throws captain Frahn because of his closeness to the right – sport

Chemnitz (AP) – The Chemnitzer FC accused captain Daniel Frahn of his nearness to the radical right-wing scene and immediately separated himself from the scorer. The third football division reacted to Frahn's behavior during the CFC championship match at Halleschen FC.

"We were horrified to find that our former captain, Daniel Frahn, has revealed himself to be a great sympathizer of the far-right and inhuman group" Kaotic Chemnitz "and that he caused a lot of damage at the club." There is no tolerance for this behavior, "the club said Monday.Frhn, injured, pausing, was sitting during the match in Halle among CFC supporters assigned to the so-called radical scene of 39, far right.

Already in March, Frahn, 32, was suspended by the sports field of the Regionalliga Nordost Northall German Football Association for a total of four matches and a fine of 3,000 euros. He had a 4: 4 home on March 9 against VSG Altglienicke after a goal scored by a t-shirt with the words "Support your local Hools" (Support your local Hools). At that time, Frahn had assured him that he was "not a Nazi" and had said, "I did not know either that this shirt was so deeply rooted in the neo-Nazi scene" .

Previously, CFC fans had honored the hooligan and extreme right-wing extremist Thomas H. deceased with elaborate choreography. He is considered the founder of the HooNaRa hooligan association (hooligans, Nazis, racists).

Frahn then spoke as a club and a team for an open and colorful Chemnitz and moved away from the right scene. But that's not what he's buying at the club after the match in Halle. Rather, seen the shareholders of the football GmbH no change of heart in the former professional RB Leipzig. "His remorse at the time was a joke, he could not and did not want to assume his responsibilities as a player and captain of the football club because it involves more than scoring goals and to encourage "attitude", he said in the shareholders' statement, adding: "Daniel Frahn, there is no place for you at Chemnitzer FC . "

After the scandal of tributes paid to the late CFC fan, Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer stepped up his back by visiting club officials in late March and spoke of a "vicious minority representing extremist positions of right". At the same time, he appealed to the CFC: "It is crucial to draw conclusions from mistakes and events." The club was separated after the incidents of three long-time employees in March. Now the fan favorite, Frahn, was also leaving.

The Chemnitzer FC is already under observation after the events of the summer of 2018. At that time, after a murderous knife attack for which refugees are held responsible, demonstrations and attacks against foreigners took place in the Saxon city. According to the constitution's protection, right-wing extremist hooligans would have been involved in the protests a year ago. The group of right-wing hooligans Kaotic, from the regional league of Chemnitzer FC, would be particularly active at that time, said a spokesman for the authorities. In its shareholder pact, the CFC is committed to being a bulwark against right wing radicalism in Chemnitz.