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Football: The situation around Sané remains unclear before Bayern's training camp

After the injury of Leroy Sané, one still wonders if and how it could influence the eventual mega agreement. The Royal Staff accompany Bayern to Tegernsee. Record access should go into training there. Another Sané sparked interest.

Leroy Sané finally arrives? Or does it not come at the end? And how bad is he hurt? Unanswered questions about Bayern's possible mega-deal accompany Munich on Tuesday in the Tegernsee training camp.

The scary moment of injury to Sané from the English Supercup has fueled speculation again on the international football scene. The 23-year-old City and England champion, Manchester City, did not comment on his twelfth-minute victory when he left the Wembley Stadium limping with a right knee bandage . Whether the Blessur influenced the imminent change of the English Supercup winner to the loser of the German supercup is uncertain at least publicly.

The Bavarian authorities remain silent on the Personalie Sané or must do so. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge & Co. does not want to upset Manchester City with one word. "No report on the level of water", no statement on "other club players", are the maxims of Munich during the difficult weeks of team planning. Rummenigge has already called for "patience". "What will come out in the end, we will have to wait," said the CEO.

The wait was announced Monday during the diagnosis of Sané. Although this should not influence the fundamental calculation for a selected star key player in the normal case.

"The first impression was not good, but I think it's not bad," city coach Pep Guardiola said after a 5-4 shootout against Liverpool FC winner of the Champions League. In the match, the substitution had seemed worse after twelve minutes. A photo of Sanes with a dark look towards Guardiola has been interpreted on the Internet as a dissatisfaction with the surprising use of the starting lineup. The photo with Sané's face may also have had other reasons.

There are controversial speculations on the exciting question of the future of turbo-dribbler. Sané was not 100% sure whether he should stay or not, but he probably prefers the change, says the British newspaper "The Independent". Guardiola would prefer to keep it, but would not be completely desperate if Sané went there, writes the sheet. A verbal battle after the replacement Guardiola pissed angry. "I was worried about his injury."

Munich should be ready to change the three-digit transfer fee. It would be a novelty for entry into the Bundesliga and would exceed the previous record of 80 million Bayern for the French champion of the World Cup, Lucas Hernandez (Atletico Madrid). The defender has to enter after a right knee surgery this week in Rottach-Egern in the training of the Munich team. Niko Kovac is preparing his team there until Saturday for the first round match of the DFB Cup at Energie Cottbus (August 12). Four days later at home, the championship season begins against Hertha BSC (16th).

Kovac would not defend himself against other staff members of the unencumbered team. "If you have two friendlies in which you are in difficult situations, you are encouraged to say the same opinion you have as a club," Kovac said before the Supercup. "That's why we make an effort." After the 0: 2 in Dortmund, Robert Lewandowski launched the debate on quality and frames for the current selection. For the long-term planning in Munich, another Sané is already in sight: the younger brother of Leroys Sané, Sidi (16 years old) of FC Schalke, is considered a candidate on the campus of Bayern.