Germany Military Tattoo: listen and watch with pleasure parades and military chapels 2

Germany Military Tattoo: listen and watch with pleasure parades and military chapels

Kaltenberg – "No grandmother." Rudi does not need to go to the army and can not sting a tattoo. "So, a Memminger family has told from the beginning his journey hard to explain in Kaltenberg. Grandmother did not understand that "Germany Military Tattoo" hides a show of high artistic quality with internationally renowned parades and military chapels.

On Saturday, they presented sophisticated choreographies in their colorful uniforms, perfectly adapted to the music. For nearly three hours, ten groups and bands with more than 300 performers give goers the goosebumps in the arena that is not quite for sale.

Immediately after the biggest tournament in the world, Heinrich Prinz von Bayern visited for the second time the "Military Tattoo" in the picturesque setting of the Schlossarena. The whole stuffed with a dash "dahoam" – about the Geltendorf fanfare. Under the direction of Kapellmeister Daniel Klingl, he provided a local color, visually caught by the runners of the Bavarian royal taxis of the 2nd Horsesleger-Taxis Regiment of Thalmassing.

The term "tattoo" in connection with the musical parade called "Zapfenstreich" and comes from "tap to", while the soldiers had nothing to drink in the past. The musicians of the Kaltenberger Arena were certainly thirsty. They sweat in their stylish uniforms during this stifling summer evening. They wore hats, caps, fur hats and gloves.

The Dutch band "Lutkewierum" caused a lot of laughter when they stumbled into the sand joking the red nose, although each note of "Beer Barrel Polka" or "Rosamunde" is in German. Downstairs, there was the "Pipers of the World", a bagpipe and a drum in tartan skirts. They offered a non-daily listening experience, which was rewarded with many applause.

Other formations such as the Landsknechtzug Ellerbach-Freyberg, the Bickenbach and Ufhausen music corps, the drummers of Wadokyo or the Dutch groups Flora-Band and The Band of the Liberations are very varied.

The highlight of the evening was the final with all participating musicians under the direction of Major Jason Griffiths, a British military band. The experienced orchestral conductor has already led the musical corps of Queen Elizabeth II's guards and the royal military tattoo of Edinburgh. At his side, with his great voice, was Captain Bethan Waters. She sets the tone in the Queen's bodyguard. Now, she said "Amazing Grace" to the always satisfied spectators, her advertising in the mouth guarantees that the next Tottoo Military will be sold in Kaltenberg.

Dieter Roettig