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Germany wants to monitor exchanges in bitcoins – ECHO regulation

IRS: 10,000 Bitcoin-Hodler receive mail from the tax office

In the United States, some cryptography enthusiasts started with a shock. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has challenged tax cheats. As a result, the agency sent a mail to 10,000 crypto-merchants to inform them of their tax liability. The warning: Who leaves his untaxed cryptographic resources can expect punitive measures.

Ripple CEO Garlinghouse calls for significant laws in cryptography

To be able to develop freely, the Blockchain ecosystem needs significant laws – according to Brad Garlinghouse. Blockchain's CEO, Ripple, wrote a letter urging the US government to clarify regulations regarding Ripple and his colleagues. Ultimately, he hopes this will increase his financial participation and economic growth.

Iran: bitcoin mines as an anchor in the Persian Gulf

No doubt, the situation in the Persian Gulf is quite tense. The quarrels between Iran and the United States do not help to maintain calm. Iran is turning to crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. In this context, the Iranian government headed by President Hassan Rouhani has decided to declare legal the exploitation of the BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

"Project well thought out": Indian Finance Minister Extreme Bitcoin Prohibition – And Trigger Debate

India is considered restrictive in terms of cryptographic regulation. Banks are not allowed to open commercial accounts for companies involved in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin machines are being dismantled directly and various ministries are working on a bill that could completely ban all private cryptocurrency. The Indian finance minister has now commented on this.

Bitcoin: New Federal Government Security Rules

Finally, the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Germany took the floor. It wants to better monitor the cryptocurrency trade in the future. Therefore, she decided that in the future (that is to say from next year), all cryptographic exchanges will be supervised by the federal authority financial supervision. This is intended to limit money laundering in particular.

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