Hasenhüttl, the football coach, wants to impose himself in England 2

Hasenhüttl, the football coach, wants to impose himself in England

Berlin (AP) – Football coach Ralph Hasenhüttl can hardly imagine a return to the Bundesliga.

"I do not want to exclude this completely, but for the moment, the Bundesliga is not a problem for me," said the 51-year-old in an interview for "kicker". The Austrian is since early December 2018 under contract with FC Southampton, English Premier League club. He was very grateful to the Bundesliga for learning and experimenting: "But the Premier League is not for nothing called the strongest league in the world".

Hasenhüttl, who has been training in Germany since 2007 under the name of RB Leipzig, Bundesliga club, took control of Southampton last December and saved the Premier League club from relegation. In England, the Grazer wants to take it away. "If, as a coach, you have the chance to work there, you should do it as long as possible .I want to make my way to England," said Hasenhüttl, Saturday's winner of the 2 victory. -0 in friendly match against the Bundesliga, promoted 1st FC Cologne was missing. He had to undergo a small operation as a result of a leg injury, but was able to leave the hospital on Sunday.

The decision to go to Southampton was a "stroke of luck and the only good decision". I've learned a lot here in the last few months and I'm 100% sure it will make me a better coach. "

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