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HOT SPICY CHINESE POWER in Hai Di Lao on Nanjing Road | Shanghai, China

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In April 2019, I made my second trip to the country of China. I went to Shanghai to do a day job with an amazing company and built an itinerary of three cities around to give me ten full days to explore! I arrived in Shanghai, as well as the cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou. I can't wait to share my latest Chinese adventures with you!

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After arriving in Shanghai earlier in the day, I went out on my first night with my friend Nea to eat a spicy pot of Szechwan on Nanjing Road, the most famous road in the city. Come with us on our hot adventure of Chinese food!

We arrive at Hai Di Lao, which is next to the subway exit. It is on the fifth floor of a large shopping center. I thought the restaurant seemed full, but Nea didn't believe it!

We had an hour wait ahead, so we sat in their waiting area and ate some plum juice and popcorn while we waited. The popcorn was very good and reminded me of cereals. I also ordered a strong Chinese amber beer. It was really good and only 10 yen, so around US $ 1.40. UU.

We waited for about 15 minutes and they took us to our stand. You can order up to four different dishes, which are cooked on the grill at your table. They even gave me an apron. We chose our hot soups from the menu since this branch had no buffet. There are many meat options that include beef, pork, lamb and more. I was so excited!

Our soups and meats arrived, along with many vegetables. We still had noodles coming, too. Each soup had a different level of spices. I couldn't wait to try them all. Meats are cooked in just two minutes!

I went for a spicy, which was not too spicy. The next was the spicy madman, who was super hot. I felt my tongue exploded! Then I tried some mushrooms, which almost felt like tofu. It was so good! There were so many different flavors to choose from with different meats, vegetables and soups. The lighter had no spices, while the hottest was like hell!

The tomato was also spicy. I tried a delicious lamb and more mushrooms, which I loved. Then I tried the beef, which was super tender and spicy. But now everything was spicy!

The mini cabbage was a little hot with a tomato base. Then I went with crispy mushrooms with the less spicy sauce, as well as fermented bamboo. The tomato was the hottest! It was so hot! It makes your lips tingle!

The spice was so intense that I had to go back for more beer!

Then we saw the noodle master throw noodles right in front of us. He spun them in huge arches and yet they never touched the ground! It was so cool! It takes two minutes to cook.

Then it was time to try the noodles! They were very hot, so I had to let them cool a little. The tomato base absorbed in the noodles and made it taste so good!

I avoided the best spice and went for some meat and vegetables in the rest of the sauces. It was super delicious and a little fatty. The best thing about the hot pot is the way everything absorbs the sauce. And the best part is that it only costs about $ 50. UU.

After overeating, Nea and I returned to Nanjing Road to explore this amazing pedestrian street. There are massive shopping centers, many skyscrapers and restaurants. I even saw a screen for Avengers: Endgame that featured Lego faces and a huge statue of Thanos with his sword.

The lights went out slowly as he explored the area after Nea left, but he would see her again the next day. The language barrier here is real, so I suggest hiring a guide or finding an English-speaking friend when you come to China.

I hope you liked coming with me and Nea to our spicy Chinese dinner! If you did, like it and leave me a comment. Also, subscribe to my channel if you have not already done so not to miss any of my next travel / food content.

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