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Kim Kardashian West: Nervous Performance

Kim Kardashian West: Nervous Performance 2

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Kim Kardashian West: Nervous Performance 4

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Kim Kardashian West wore an extravagant outfit at Met Gala 2019.
The 38-year-old woman compared her appearance at the annual Met Gala Gala with her wedding in May 2014 with rapper Kanye West. Both events were, in his opinion, an almost identical nerve sensation. At the gala on May 6, the reality show actress wore a gorgeous custom-made silicone dress by French fashion designer Thierry Mugler. However, as she confessed in the new episode, "She must keep pace with the Kardashians", she suffered severe anxiety attacks and was forced to appear perfect the evening before her visit because she would be photographed from all sides: "In the morning, When the Met took place, I did not stop saying:" I do not know why I'm so afraid of the Met, I feel the pressure, the responsibility . "

Later, she confided to the makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, that she felt the stress of the day as well as her wedding: "It was probably as stressful as my wedding, I do not know why I'm not married. was so nervous about the Met. even more annoying because he took pictures from every angle. "

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