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Majority of medical students from Linz in Upper Austria

LINZ. More than 1,000 young people participated in the medical admission examination in Linz. 180 have received one of the most coveted study locations – more than half of them are top Austrians.

In total, 1,316 young people were enrolled in Linz to be admitted to medical studies, 1,056 have actually started. Of the 180 new medical students, 105 are women (58.33%) and 75 are men (41.67%). "If we look at the numbers nationwide, we agree perfectly with the trend," said JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas.

Austrian top

135 of the 180 students come from Austria, 103 from Upper Austria. As a result, the proportion of High Austrians increased from 44.4% in the previous year to 57.2%. However, the High Austrians are not only strongly represented in terms of quantity: "Of the top 30, 24 are from Upper Austria – the High Austrians have a disproportionate success".

The Faculty of Medicine Expands

Of the 180 medical students, 60 will begin their studies directly at the JKU. 120 finish the first semester in Graz. In the coming years, more students will begin their studies in Linz. A total of 240 new students will be admitted in 2020 and 2021 respectively. 120 of them will begin their studies in Linz. At the final stage, 300 new students will start their medical studies every year, including 180 in Linz.

"We currently have about 700 medical students," Lukas said. In full expansion, there could be 2,000.

New program of studies in medical engineering

But it's not just the haste to study medicine, there are also many pre-registrations in the new medical engineering curriculum. The course combines the technological skills and fundamentals of human medicine and is therefore an attractive alternative to classical medicine studies.