MasterCard works with crypto-currencies and bitcoin 2

MasterCard works with crypto-currencies and bitcoin

08/05/19 6:00 p.m. UTC + 2

MasterCard works with cryptocurrencies
MasterCard works with cryptocurrencies

Yesterday, August 4, information appeared that MasterCard will launch its own crypto wallet. This became known through the MasterCard list.

MasterCard: Wallet for Cryptocurrency

As it became known, MasterCard will issue its own portfolio to store cryptocurrency. For example, ads for "Solution Architects of Product Developers and Development Products" were placed on the company's job offerings.

Interesting category: Ethos and democratization of digital currency

In addition, the company is looking for workers who work with encrypted wallets block of the chainblock of the chain
– a continuous and sequential information block (numerically linked list). When creating a blockchain, copies of the associated blocks are stored simultaneously on multiple computers.
on the base. It is likely that MasterCard, which has become a member of the Facebook consortium for the Libra project, is participating in the development of its own cryptography project. Although the company will most likely participate in the test of handbags on Libra.

It was also announced that MasterCard was looking for a vice president of blockchain product management. It should be noted that most vacancies are closely related not only to blockchain technology, but also to the development of the encrypted wallet.

MasterCard will work with crypto-currencies and BitcoinWe remind you that the famous American businessman John McAfee showed his Bitcoin Visa and Mastercard.

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