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Queen Elizabeth II: The reparations in Sandringham are so numerous that the British are in shock!

05.08.2019, 12:36

Queen Elizabeth II has Sandringham's house repaired.

Queen Elizabeth II has Sandringham's house repaired. Picture: dpa

Sandringham Manor has been owned by the British Royal Family for years. Its preservation is expensive for Queen Elizabeth II. Currently, the Queen's husband, Prince Philip, is here to enjoy his retirement.

Construction in Sandringham is in full swing. According to the British "Express", the entire northern part of Queen Elizabeth II's estate in Norfolk is already under scaffolding. The queen must use her own fortune for remodeling work. 500,000 pounds sterling, or about 545,000 euros, should cost the repairs.

Queen Elizabeth II Renovates Sandringham Property

The neighbors of Queen Elizabeth II were informed by signs indicating the construction work. In addition, the queen has apologized for the inconvenience, such as the noise of the construction. "At the north end of Sandringham House, work is underway to repair a large lead roof that has not been touched since 1870, the year the house was built," says "Express" on the signs.

The Queen's Manor accessible to royal fans

Sandringham House is open to the public from late March to late October. On the ground floor are many works of art that have been offered to the British royal family over the years by other European monarchs. Among them is a gift from the German Emperor Wilhelm I, a porcelain candlestick from Meissen.

Queen Elizabeth II retires to Sandringham in winter

Queen Elizabeth II herself uses the property at Sandringham from Christmas until about the end of January. Here she spends several weeks in winter. At Christmas, the other members of the family also go to the Christmas party. Currently, the queen's husband, Prince Philip, has retired most of the time to the countryside.

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