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Royals: Meghan's "Vogue" number sold on Ebay at a high price

Royals in the Media: Excessive Deals on Ebay: Fans tear up Meghan's "Vogue" issue

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3:13 p.m.: The September issue of the fashion magazine "Vogue" co-designed by the Duchess Meghan is highly coveted by fans of Royal – and also internationally. In the UK, the magazine is available for a few books. On Ebay, however, it is partly already traded for around 30 euros.

Meghan herself is not on the cover – but 15 women she admires. Including American actresses Jane Fonda and Salma Hayek, as well as climate activist Greta Thunberg. In addition, Prince Harry's wife interviewed Michelle Obama for the ex-First Lady of Vogue and gave her advice on topics such as meditation and coaching.

Harry sends a message of love to Meghan for his birthday

Monday August 5th at 9:50 am: Prince Harry publicly made a declaration of love to the Duchess Meghan on the occasion of her 38th birthday. "Happy birthday to my fantastic wife," wrote this 34-year-old man on Instagram on Sunday.

And further: "Thank you for accompanying me in this adventure! – In love, H." In addition, he posted a photo of the radiant Duchess in a blue dress. The picture was taken last October on one of the Tongan Islands and has so far received more than a million likes.

That Meghan celebrated her birthday with her little family, said the Buckingham Palace not with. This is a private matter of the royal family.

Very pregnant at work: Meghan shows pictures of baby's belly up here unknown

Friday, August 2nd, 10:25 am: Almost three months, Baby Archie is now old. The Duchess Meghan showed after birth only a few official occasions. For this, she and her husband, Prince Harry, posted on their Instagram account unpublished photos that show that Meghan is still very pregnant in her charity work.

The photos show Duchess Meghan during several visits to the "Smart Works" association, which supports women in their careers. The description of the Instagram photo gallery says: "After secret visits last year, the Duchess was impressed by the effective work of this charity, which helps women find work by providing them with skills and clothing. necessary to do it.

Prince Harry reveals what it is with him and Meghan at the planning of the new generation

Wednesday, July 31 at 10:40 am: Prince Harry revealed in a personal interview with primatologist Jane Goodall that he was considering having a brother or sister for his son Archie, but probably more now.

Goodall (85), who had investigated the behavior of chimpanzees, interrupted while he no longer wanted to have offspring. "Not too much," said the prominent member of the British royal family, "A maximum of two".

The birth of Archie three months ago changed his view of the world, especially on environmental issues. "I've always thought: this place is on loan, we are so smart and sophisticated that we should be able to leave the next generation a better place."

The conversation, which took place in Windsor, is part of the September issue of the fashion magazine "Vogue". Harry's wife, Duchess Meghan (37), worked as guest editor. The British magazine will be released Friday, some texts should be read online in advance.

Massive Vulnerability at Kensigton Palace – Is Prince George in Danger?

2:14 p.m.: Kensington Palace would have created a huge security hole. This is reported by the British tabloid "The Sun". As a result, a convicted violent offender came to Prince George (6). The members of the royal family want to investigate the incident, he continues.

Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (37) fear, according to "The Sun", that the 40-year-old man, who was reportedly sentenced to seven years in prison in 2008, came so close to his three children . He would then have boasted to his friends that he had seen George, Princess Charlotte (4) and Prince Louis (1). Despite his criminal record, he could have delivered furniture to Kensington Palace.

Prince William himself would have ordered a re-examination of the incident: "He firmly believes that criminals deserve a second chance once they have served their sentence, but he fears that the current security guidelines do not are not strict enough, "he said. an insider quoted from the sheet.

Duchess Meghan confirms her involvement in Vogue – Prince Harry also involved

Monday, July 29 at 10:38 am: Duchess Meghan, 37, wife of Prince Harry, was guest editor of the British fashion magazine Vogue. In the September issue, she focuses on 15 women and their pioneering work.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg, New Zealand premier Jacinda Ardern and American actress Jane Fonda were among the female figures featured on the cover entitled "Forces of Change," the British royal family announced on Sunday. all share their courage to break down the barriers, he said.

Prince Harry is supporting his wife

Meghan's "open conversation" with former US First Lady Michelle Obama, and Prince Harry's interview with primatologist Jane Goodall are also featured in the issue. September's British Vogue arrives at newsstands on August 2nd and is available for download. Meghan himself had not wanted to appear on the cover because they would have thought him "boastful," revealed Vogue editor Edward Enninful, according to the PA news agency. .

"These past seven months have been a worthwhile process," said Meghan in a statement about working with Enninful and the choices made by personalities, from politics to the art, that had "an effect in the world of today ". "I hope readers will be inspired by the" forces of change "that will appear in these pages."

The school year costs 21,000 euros: after the holidays, Prince George becomes serious

Thursday, 10:55 am Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Duchess Kate, was only six years old. And slowly, he is more and more challenged as to his education. In September, the holidays of the young royals will be ended. He then begins, according to the British press agency PA, the second year in a private school in South London, which costs nearly 20,000 pounds per school year (more than 21,000 euros).

Then the prince would require a little more responsibility and discipline. Among other things, there would be ten minutes of reading each night and a new spelling rule every week on the schedule.

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