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Stars in dispute: These 5 stars have stress with their colleagues

In the history of the show, there is hardly any star who has ever fought a conflict with a colleague – whether on the set, during fashion shows and after parties. parties, via social media or songs with malicious messages. There are few things for which celebrities have not quarreled. Here are five great Hollywood players who really let slip.

1. Kanye West

Kim Kardashian's husband has posted dozens of tweets on his account. "Drake called me and threatened me," they say. The rapper colleague who addressed himself could only laugh at it and let the public via Instagram share his opinion on the unimportant conflict. The catalyst was that Kanye West had something to do with the revelation of Drake's secret son. To justify himself, Kim Kardashian's husband went through social media. A few weeks later, he apologized to Drake and spoke openly about the quarrel. This has not been commented on today.

2. Kim Cattrall

As we did not like them in "Sex And The City": Kim Cattrall, aka Samantha Jones, denied any rumors about a third movie last year. The reason is colleague Sarah Jessica Parker. Even when filming previous seasons and movies, it was not very good between the two actresses. "We have never been friends," Cattrall says. Sarah Jessica Parker's desperate attempt to build a friendship, according to Kim Cattrall's only facade. Recent opportunity: after the death of her brother, Sarah expressed her condolences via social media, but Cattrall did not like it at all. In his eyes, Parker was once again trying to use tragedy for his own purposes to publicly portray himself as the pretty girl next door. A reconciliation did not exist until today.

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is also leading in terms of quarrels with her. Among the enemies of the Streit-Queen include singer Taylor Swift, rapper Drake and actress Chloƫ Grace Moretz. With the latter, there were more wars on Twitter. Among other things, because of a nude picture of the TV star, because of Moretz Kardashian scolded as a bad model.

4. Taylor Swift

As for battles, the Taylor Swift also has a reputation. His quarrel with fellow countryman Katy Perry is legendary. But probably not even both know what it was! Rumor has it that Katy Perry attempted to sabotage Swift's tour. Thousands of tweets and messages followed, on which the singers fought. With a handwritten letter, Katy wanted to end the hostility once and for all. Taylor Swift accepted the apology. Well, okay.

5. Nicki Minaj

It is well known that one should rather invest with the hip-hop diva. One of their biggest altercations was the legendary argument with Miley Cyrus at the Video Music Awards. On stage, Minaj verbally attacked the singer, as she had described in an interview as "not very nice". Rapper Zoff has again and again with his stage colleagues. Recently, a quarrel with rival Cardi B almost ended in a fight. That sits at New York Fashion Week after a negative comment about her little girl. Shoes and hair flew through the air. The bodyguards finally had to separate them. They are always rivals.