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Travemünde Aktuell: Green versus second alley


Travemünde 05.08.2019

Listen to the interview with Dr. Axel Flasbarth on "Radio Travemünde" in its original. interview: MARIA BOMMERT

From our point of view, the concept of mobility is based on the old traffic concept of the sixties, seventies and eighties. "Where people have tried to move cities completely towards traffic," Dr. Axel Flasbarth, "This leads to concrete towns and more cars on the street." And no one feels more at home in the cities. "The Greens therefore wish to encourage more and more people to switch to cars, bicycles and public transport (ÖPNV)." It is precisely this basic idea that we is completely lacking in the concept of mobility. "

If you are interested in Green positions, you can also attend the "Green Group" district meeting in August. The event is public. YOUR

Green Group District Meeting

  • Monday, August 19th, 2019
  • 19:00 clock
  • Clubhouse TSV
  • Ivendorfer Landstraße 2a
  • 23570 Travemünde
  • Organizer: Alliance 90 / The Greens

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