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Wasp sting: Why do many people develop an allergy as they get older? – health

If allergic people are stung by a wasp, it is an absolute emergency situation! Fast action is necessary for survival.

But what happens if people sting and react violently, without having been allergic all their life? The fact is that allergies can only be developed at an advanced age. But then they are usually the most violent in the reaction? Why this? How do you protect yourself?

Good king News has Dr. med. Jan-Christoph Lewejohann, Asklepios Hospital in Hamburg-Wandsbek, asked the following questions:

Why do many people develop an allergy when they are old? What is it due?

Dr. Jan-Christoph Lewejohann: "It develops against proteins and proteins that give wasps and bees a burning sensation, a sensitivity that leads to allergic reactions.The probability increases from the fortieth year.This is particularly common among beekeepers.

and: In general, people at higher risk also have other allergies (for example, hay fever). However, there are also people who develop allergies only in old age – for example, against certain foods. The cause of this is still unclear, but the fact is that allergies generally increase, especially among the elderly. "

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Photo: alliance-photo / OKAPIA

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When the wasp dies, it becomes really painful. Swelling and redness followPhoto: alliance-photo / OKAPIA

Do these allergies become more violent when they develop at an older age?

Dr. Lewejohann: " Yes! The more we have been bitten during his life, the more violent the reactions are at each point. It depends on the number of stitches. problem: The older people become, the more they suffer from chronic diseases that are often not detected (eg, high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders). And in pre-existing conditions, the body's protective mechanism is weakened accordingly and can fight less effectively against poison. "

Do you still need to have an emergency kit with you? What's in it?

Dr. Lewejohann: "Yes, those who know that they are violent should always have an emergency kit with them.This contains drugs containing the active ingredient cortisone and histamine.The substances take about 20 minutes, until the effect starts.It is better that the emergency kit contains a pen called adrenaline.This emergency medicine works immediately! And when a violent swelling occurs, it take a few minutes There is an acute risk of choking If you do not have an emergency kit with you and you react after a bite, call the rescue service.