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"You just have to be really good"

Catherine Marks

Catherine Marks in her usual studio environment.

Catherine Marks: From classical to rock

Catherine Marks seems to be cautious when she decides to study architecture. But already during her early childhood, she accompanies the music in classical form.

At the age of 15, she even toured Europe and performed at classical piano concerts. She started playing at the age of four. A time in which she describes herself as early. She quickly frustrated her own piano teacher, after which she sent her to a composer who brought her to the stage.

And yet, it is her architectural studies that bring her closer to music at the beginning. As part of her studies, she goes on an internship in Dublin and meets many artists and musicians. Including the music producer Flood, who has worked with Depeche Mode and U2.

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Some reports say that she wanted to be at the time, like Britney Spears. Flood, on the other hand, immediately revealed to him that it did not suit him. In an interview with M Magazine, Marks looks back at the moment. So Flood's words: "Well, it will never happen, but if you want to do something with music, maybe you can work for me?"

Moving to London

During a brief return, she returns to her native Australia to complete her studies. Then she moves to London and works for Flood. Here is the tea mentioned in the game. Who is new, must first prove. However, Catherine Marks is rapidly refining her skills and getting closer to production.

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She collaborates with bands like The Killers, Foals or Sunset Sons and is supervised by producer Alan Moulder. Moulder, who has worked with big names such as the Foo Fighters, takes them far under his wing. She learns her craft quickly, but the producer in the mind will only learn it gradually.

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Recognition for women

"At first, I did not know that production was what I wanted to do," she said in an interview for MMS. Through engineering, she is deepening the subject of production and quickly realizes that a change is happening in the industry. She hopes more women will take the plunge and start producing music.

You just have to be really good. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman.

Marks told the Institute of Contemporary Music (ICMP) that she never felt badly welcomed. The industry is very competitive in their eyes:

"Even now, the trainees we have are really competitive.It was the same thing 30 years ago when my mentors started, but I think you have to be really good." Act of a man or a woman. "

"The Music Producers Guild has also done a lot to thank the women who are doing well in this area," Marks told MMS. Nevertheless, she admits that it is difficult work, but at the same time can be extremely useful. He does not talk about financial incentives in this context. She is much more interested in relationships with the musicians and in what they create together.

"It's not about you"

Marks knows today that the studio is not about her. She clearly places the musicians at the center and sees herself as just a person facilitating the process of musical creation. The BBC has revealed to Catherine Marks what success means to them: "For me, success means first and foremost that the team around an album loves it." If anyone has any doubts, I do not know. I did not do my job well. "

In 2019, she continues to work with The Amazons, mixing a CD for Bad Books, a side project of the Manchester Orchestra. It will certainly not be boring. The fact that she is busy also shows that she wants to try to take a break in the middle of the year. Assuming nothing disturbs her.