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As of: 05.08.2019 22:20

by Hanno Bode, Good king News

New rookie Sonny Kittel scored 2-0 in HSV's 4-0 win at Nuremberg.

The mature performances of HSV in football were in the final season of relying on one hand. The failed promotion of the Bundesliga to the traditional Hamburg football club was therefore anything but a coincidence. After the team was shot again before this series (eleven new actors came) and Dieter Hecking, an experienced coach of the young Hannes Wolf, seems to be the personal puzzle that has existed for many years for the first time correctly. The presentation of the six-time German champion on Monday night at 1. FC Nuremberg was really great. The guests determined the events over long periods of the match and also won 4-0 (2: 0). Jeremy Dudziak (12th), Sonny Kittel (30th), Khaled Narey (72) and a goal from Tim Handwerker (81) for HSV-Kantersieg.

Leibold countered whistles with help

Hecking: "I really liked that"

NDR 90.3

Hamburger SV celebrated their first win of the season with a 4-0 win at 1. FC Nürnberg. Coach Dieter Hecking was very pleased not only with the result but also with the appearance of his team.

"We played very effectively in the first half of the season today, but always with a lot of thought and seriousness, which I really liked," Hecking said in an interview with NDR 90.3. His team set the tone from the start and quickly took the lead with a precise low shot from Dudziak at 18 meters. Left-back Tim Leibold gave the bill. Former Nuremberg was at each of his contacts from supporters of the "club" gekpfiffen. It did not affect him – at least on the outside. In general, the newly formed HSV has been incredibly clarified. He had everything he needed, what the hamburger did and looked pretty footballer. Against the Franks, there were seven summer participants in the starting eleven. Everyone was able to convince. One of them was Kittel, who rose to 2: 0 with a moving free kick around the Nuremberg wall. However, Christian Mathenia, the keeper of the "club", did not look good in the match – the ball touched the keeper.

Bitter for the 27-year-old, who went from HSV to Valznerweiher about a year ago and who was relegated twelve months later. Now the elevator has to roll in the other direction for him. During the first 45 minutes, the Franks were able to highlight their aspirations for promotion, but to a very limited extent by acts. Almost everything was fragmentary.

"Joker" Narey takes care of the decision

2.Spieltag, 05.08.2019 20:30 clock

4: 0 in Nuremberg: HSV marks the first exclamation point | Good king News - Sports 2

1.FC Nuremberg


4: 0 in Nuremberg: HSV marks the first exclamation point | Good king News - Sports 3

Hamburger SV



  • 0:4

    Artisan (81st, clean goal)

1.FC Nuremberg:
Mathenia – Margreitter, Erras, Sörensen – Sorg, Artisan, Behrens, Hunter (36th Ishak), Medeiros (69th Kerk), Dovedan – Hack (69th Palacios Martínez)

Hamburger SV:
Heuer Fernandes – Gyamerah, G. Jung, van Drongelen, Leibold – Fein, Hunt, Dudziak (75th Kinsombi) – Jatta (65th Narey), Hinterseer, Kittel (82nd Samperio Bustara)


More data on the game

After the break, the local team has seen a slight increase. The focus is on "a little bit". For football solutions, the team of coach Damir Canadi found the match against the very stable defenders of Hamburg. But at least they redoubled their efforts and managed to get their first options thanks to shots from Iuri Medeiros (53. / knapp over) and Nikola Dovedan (62. / on the goal net ). However, the guests stayed a little more dangerous. But they initially lacked efficiency in the financial statements. So, Lukas Hinterseer failed in the 67th minute, free for Mathenia. And also the margin of the replacement Narey shortly before defusing beautifully the goalkeeper. Thus, the 27-year-old caught up to 0: 2. 180 seconds later, Mathenia had to throw Narey back on the way. He apparently made it so scary that the "Joker" of Hamburg was clearly distorted.

All in all, good things for the 25-year-old, with the exception of three: in the 72nd minute, the offensive shot with a low shot from the penalty area to make his decision . For the "still" then signed the Nuremberg craftsman by his own purpose. Moreover, his name was somehow programmed from the point of view of "Cluberer" tonight, they had to offer only good football techniques …

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From goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes to defenseman Rick van Drongelen to new striker Lukas Hinterseer, a member of HSV's second division team for the 2019/2020 season.

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