British army fears Russian submarines "super silent" - Médias 2

British army fears Russian submarines "super silent" – Médias

The Russian submarines of Project 636 "Varshavyanka" can act invisibly in British territorial waters. This reports the newspaper "The Daily Telegraph", citing British military sources.

According to the newspaper, Russian submarines can track movements of the British fleet in the North Atlantic and connect to submarine internet cables, posing a threat to British security.

Thanks to their stealthy technology, their improved combat range and their ability to hit targets above and below the water, Russian submarines can endanger, among other things, the carrier. British planes "HMS Queen Elizabeth".

In this context, London should increase naval funding to maintain "the maneuverability of nuclear deterrence," said the army.

The new First Sea Lord (Royal Navy chief of staff) is to provide the country with a safe underwater defense, according to a source:

"We have to be better at what we do."

The Russian Embassy in the UK has repeatedly reiterated that the British military and politicians intimidated the country's population under the threat of threats from Russia in order to increase their defense budgets.

the Project 636 VarsavvyankaThe upgraded Kilo or Kilo II class of NATO is a Russian class of diesel-electric fighter submarines. The 636 Boat Project is an evolution of the 877 Paltus project. The displacement of these submarines is 3950 tons, the underwater speed of 20 knots. The maximum depth is 300 meters. The crew can be composed of 52 people.

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