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Bitcoin has once again established itself well above the $ 10,000 psychological barrier. It is currently listed as $ 11,750, an increase of almost 10% in 24 hours. Graphically, the situation has improved significantly again (see the annual chart of the BTC against the US dollar in the image at the bottom right).

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin, above all … Solange crypto currency to be more and more serious Investment alternative for traditional financial investors It could initially stay like this. Bitcoin is by far the largest and most liquid cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $ 208 billion. Then come Ethereum with $ 25 billion, Ripple with $ 14 billion and Litecoin with $ 6.4 billion. In addition to liquidity but that's Use case one of the decisive factors, One of the main cases of use of bitcoin could remain at the forefront in times of crisis in traditional financial markets: the digital gold or value storeIn addition to countries in crisis such as Venezuela, this should also gain importance in Western countries.

Will Litecoin become a favorite among the big old coins?

If this case of use remains topical, could also be the fourth largest cryptocurrency litecoin benefit. It was the attention of our attention on Monday, because around 10:30, this took place reduce by half in place. Before the beginning of the year, prices have risen sharply. The price has exploded from $ 23 in December 2018 to $ 146 in June 2019, more than 500% in six months. Last month, however, Litecoin became an absolute underachiever. The days before the division in half were marked by significant uncertainty. Today, the day of halving itself, reluctance has remained initial, although Bitcoin is very solid at about 7%. Immediately after the halving, however, traders took over and raised the price by about 15% in minutes (see Litecoin's daily chart below). Even if the price has decreased a bit and could remain volatile in the coming days Litecoin one of the favorites among the great Altcoins become an alternative to Bitcoin. The Litecoin is the only one of the three largest old coins to exceed the recorded lows compared to Bitcoin over a year (see chart below left). On the other hand, the other two altcoins Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) have again marked annual troughs compared to Bitcoin (see the top two graphs in the image below).

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Gerd Weger has written for 35 years on stocks and derivatives for various publications. These were mainly speculative investments in growth stocks and warrants. For two years, the focus has been on the cryptocurrency market. Since April 2018, he has been running a crypto-model depot on and regularly writes an article in "€ uro am Sonntag". Model repository greatly outperformed both bitcoin and all encryption indexes. Soon, a real deposit will start on different crypto-currencies. The templates will be published in the magazine "Börse Online" and on

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