Football, 2nd Division: Hamburg scores exclamation point in Nuremberg - 2nd Bundesliga - football 2

Football, 2nd Division: Hamburg scores exclamation point in Nuremberg – 2nd Bundesliga – football

The Dino watch has long since been dismantled and Lotto King Karl's cult song, still celebrated at home, is a thing of the past at HSV. The presentation of Großmanssucht, which lasts for decades, belongs to the past – and since the appearance Monday night (05.08.19) at the club, the supporters have again a sporting idea of ​​how to return to the Bundesliga: The 4: 0 (2: 0) – The success of the Dieter Hecking team was a highly deserved and logical consequence of a consistent and consistent game.

Dudziak dance Sørensen

From a white ballet, hamburgers dressed in white were still far away, but this was certainly neither the intention nor the expectation of this training. The goal of the opening of the former Pauline Jeremy Dudziak was a very mischievous moment. He danced Asger Sørensen in the 12th minute with a simple body bluff and placed the ball flat in the right corner of the edge of the area.

Christian Mathenia, goalkeeper of War Ex-HSV, was helpless against this goal, but he was unable to beat him 2-0: Mathenia shot the ball into the net for half an hour when the Sonny Kittel's free kick hit the goal – and that's where the ball hit a.

Breeding Nürnberger

In the second round, it was a little more obvious in the beginning that Nuremberg also wants to return to the House of Lords, but the increased pressure in the midfield made it that there was not much chance to score. After a good 20 minutes, the clubbers also found this and let the guests take the lead.

And they did not ask much: First, Lukas Hinterseer and his replacement, Khaled Narey, failed at that time, answering Mathenia (67), but then entrusted Narey with a brilliant job Preliminary Kittel with a clean net strike (72). Nuremberg surrendered completely and tied for the fourth goal: a craftsman from Tim rode the ball before the player was ready to send Jan Gyamerah back to his own network (81).

Hecking very satisfied

The coach of HSV Hecking was very satisfied after the match: "We were a bit better in the first period, then we survived the Nuremberg pressure phase after the change, then we beat again very well, but this must be the norm now. Do not always be 4- 0, but it proved today that this team has quality. "

Playmaker Aaron Hunt analyzed: "It was a great performance, from the first to the last minute we did very well what the coach had asked us to do, but we have to keep working."

Mathenia admits her complicity

For the Nurembergians, the atmosphere was obviously much worse: "Of course, we imagined this at home differently"admitted Captain Hanno Behrens. "We have to analyze that and start criticizing ourselves."

Guardian Mathenia was also served: "We did not start the game well and the free-kick for the 0: 2 was of course bitter, I am obliged to note it."

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