Football: HSV celebrates victory at 1. FC Nuremberg 2

Football: HSV celebrates victory at 1. FC Nuremberg

Hamburger SV won a clear victory in the traditional duel of 1. FC Nuremberg. The Hanseatic League won the second matchday of the 2. Bundesliga with 4: 0 (2: 0).

The goals were scored by Jeremy Dudziak (12), Sonny Kittel (30), Khaled Narey (72) and Jan Gyamerah (81). In front of 44,497 spectators, the guests were ripped off and imaginative. Coach Dieter Hecking's team came in after the disappointing 1: 1 loss on the first match day against the Darmstadt repair. The club conceded after the 1-0 defeat in Dresden the first defeat of the season.

With four points, the 1-1 collapsed in one week against Darmstadt, yet disappointing for the HSV against the FCN. The clubbers had celebrated on the first day of the match a 1-0 win in Dresden.

In the first division duel of two traditional clubs after 64 previous matches in the Bundesliga, Hamburg was disciplined in defense and was holding the fist in the attack. While guests in front of 44,497 spectators, clubbers working hard, but mostly unimaginative, barely left the opportunities, but they were rewarded before the break. The city's first rivals, St. Pauli, went to get Dudziak with a shot from the edge of the box, after half an hour increased the former blouse of Ingolstadt by direct free kick.

Both goals were prepared by Leibold, who had moved from the FCN to the Hanseatic city in the summer. After the defender declared after the descent of Nuremberg that he did not wish to take flight immediately, but then headed north, he was booed by the French fans with each contact with the ball. He still did not slow down: he opened the first goal with a short solo run, before reaching the number two free kick.

FCN coach Damir Canadi tried to increase the pressure by quickly replacing striker Mikael Ishak, but the Swede was not able to force high-profile opportunities. . The thoughtful Hamburger focused on his comfortable lead over the counter and rejoiced 20 minutes before the end of the preliminary ruling. Narey, who was professional at the Nuremberg archival Fürth two years ago, scored the third goal of a long-range shot. In the end, Gyamerah could also celebrate.